Re-Education Date Line: Texazistan

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Do NOT be concerned for Next Tuesday's arrival in Texazistan. 'pelipsky has sources. Some comrades, may be led to believe the disinformation that Next Tuesday will arrive in Texazistan ahead of schedule. Turn those alarms, off, comrades.

RINO impeachment of AG Paxton is all part of the Next Tuesday Plan of Senator Cornyn. After confirming Merrick Garland as Attorney General of the Department of Justice, security for the National Archives was outsourced to ANTIFA and other special agents. The Mar-a-Lago Raid to retrieve documents declassified by Trump, then somehow stolen from the National Archives, by Trump, was vital to democracy and the schedule of Next Tuesday's arrival. Senator Cornyn's confirmation of Merrick Garland was critical to equalize Trump's lawfulness, to make Biden's lawlessness regarding documents and The National Archives into a huge double rice paddy nothing burger.

Since re-election, Texazistan's Attorney General was suing the Federal Government on behalf of citizens of Texazistan, many of them Trump supporters needing to be taken down a peg or two. This Machiavellian Ordeal by Senator Cornyn to confirm Merrick Garland, who then outsourced security of The National Archives to protect The Constitution from The People with ANTIFA compliant employees is now in the home stretch to full Glorious World of Next Tuesday. Can you see it, comrade?

Next Tuesday, Senator Cornyn will vow to save Texazistan from the created chaos he confirmed through Merrick Garland, by appointing himself President of the seceding Texazistan from the United States. This is why orchestrated chaos must be developed on Senate Time, through meticulous confirmations towards infrastructed chaos.

Sacrificing his Federal Senate career to reinstitute Texazistan as a Lone Nation, with no known allies, a porous border, and a dysfunctional public school system, in order to secure and protect Texazistan from the consequences of Senator Cornyn's confirmations will ensure Next Tuesday arrives, just as orchestrated.

Attorny General Ken Paxton's RINO impeachment will put Texazistan on a different map to be unrolled Next Tuesday.

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.....Well, sources have also told me that, like most states, Texazistans election laws should be merely suggestions and interpretations without rules, controls, and boundaries to avoid the growth of Reichspublicans.....those perverted people who prevented the inclusion of hundreds of Texazistan ballots recently discovered on the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s missing laptop that was found in Melania’s underwear drawer in "Racist, Inhospitable Florida™." Comrades, out of compassion for those inferior to them,  Cis, gender, Senator Cornyn ( he, him, his ) vows to save Texazistan, at the very least, have Garland’s ( he, him, his ) political overseer’s whip and boot removed to support the creation of a new nonbinary political office, which would replace the office of the attorney general and avoid being showered with Biden and Garland's Washington's spittle. This creation would add another smidgen of bureaucracy and overall regulatory instability, which could be renamed “Texazistan’s Homeland Security Czar,.” It could be the interactive neutral gender political office of Next Tuesday™ where justice could roll down the waters like a Texazistan river in ways that a heterosexual Reichspublican hypocrite, whose hateful bile flows out of their mouths, never could.