Five Stages of Political Grief

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Comrades, under the Biden regime we are witnessing the Five Stages of Grief played out right before our eyes.
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Leftocrats practice denial constantly. From denial of only two sexes to denial of an invasion at the border to denial of Joe Biden's mental incapacity—and often claim that the obvious truth is "propaganda." 

Chuck Schumer Says Questions About Biden’s Mental Acuity Are Just ‘Right Wing Propaganda’ 
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Anger is also a constant among leftocrats and Joe Biden's frequent outbursts epitomize this characteristic stage of grief—but the outrage is always fake and meant to loudly demonize those who expose truths.

Angry Joe Biden Attacks Special Counsel in Evening White House Rant: ‘How the Hell Dare He!’
One of the best ways to bypass denial and anger is to bargain for a shell game to falsely address a truth, like by garnering "bipartisan support" from RINOs for a massive spending bill to secure the U.S. borders that actually earmarks almost all the funds on unrelated foreign affairs.

Senate’s $61B for Ukraine Could Build Wall Across Entire U.S. Border  
Given the U.S. implementation of Modern Monetary Theory since the 1980s, government spending has increased, the national debt has skyrocketed, inflation has become a plague—and a massive depression is likely on the way. 

Hotter Than Expected – Inflation Up 3.1% Over Last Year – Overall Prices Up 17.9% Since Biden Took Office – Stocks Rocked 

Leftocrats adamantly avoid acceptance of truth due to their constant states of denial and anger—but when one of them dares to be candid, a backlash always follows.

Liberals Have Meltdown After Jon Stewart Mocks Biden in Daily Show Return


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What a shame ‘Defend and protect the Constitution of the United States’ isn’t part of the program.

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What a shame ‘Defend and protect the Constitution of the United States’ isn’t part of the program......
because Democrats and Repppppubglicans seemed
to have found their safest place to be..... 

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