The bourgeoisie have the Roaming Gnome. We have Comrade Cube!

Post the pictures you've snapped from around the world of your Comrade Cube shmoozing at fun People's places or with exotic backdrops or with famous persons holding your red Cube here or in the Gallery now!

Don't have The Cube? Go to our Store and get it now! The revolution will be photogenic!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please don't make posts until further notice

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We are trying to move the Cube to a new server. Any posts made during that time will not be transferred, so please wait until further notice.

If you still feel like writing, please put your comments down on a lined piece of paper with a #2 pencil and submit to your local commissar for approval. While this will serve no purpose and you will most likely be denounced and detained, this will at least keep you busy enough until the transfer is complete and you can resume posting.

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