Russia Humiliated By Invasions, USSA Will Encourage More

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Dear Comrades,

Comrade Vice President Joseph Biden announced that the USSA plans to humiliate Russia by turning over more neighboring countries to its control.

Stating that Russia has been left ‘alone' and ‘naked' before the world over its annexation of Crimea and potential invasion of Ukraine, Comrade Joe announced that Party Chairman and President Barack Barackovich Obama plans to disgrace Russian president Vladimir Putin by tempting him to absorb more nations in Europe and Central Asia.

The Socialist Democratic Party is also planning similar ‘schooling' for China, which is preparing to expand its territorial dominance in the Pacific. Comrade Obama has balanced the right amounts of antagonism and indecisiveness to lead Chinese officials to concede that they may not be able to control themselves, and will eventually invade their neighbors and establish military dominance.

Once China and Russian have gorged themselves on their neighbors, the USSA will then be able to demonstrate its moral superiority by relinquishing its international stature and follow the European principles of abhorring violence outside of international corporate interests that support the State.

Then, the workers and peasants of the USSA will finally experience the cleansing of their consciences as other nations, rather than our own, will be guilty of international crimes.

Let the Russian Reactionaries show their aggression to the world! Join Comrade Joe in agitating for an expanded Russia!

Faithfully submitted to the Collective of the People's Cube,
Comrade Nomenklatura-climber
Dialectical Progressivism Translator

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Has Comrade Biden acquired a stutter during his trip to Europe, or is there an echo in here?

"And [highlight=#FFFF00]Russia, Russia[/highlight] stood alone, naked in front of the world for the aggression they had undertaken."

In his press conference, Biden said the U.S. condemns the "[highlight=#FFFF00]blatant, blatant[/highlight] disregard of international law by Mr. Putin."

Captain Craptek wrote:Has Comrade Biden developed a stutter on his swing through Europe, or is there an echo in here?

Comrade Biden? Nay, Captain Craptek. No, never. Comrade Biden sing dis song: 'Russia, Russia stood alone, doo dah, doo dah. Blatant, blatant disregard, oh, doo dah day.'

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While in Europe, Vice President Joe Biden channeled his long-time role model, Nikita Khrushchev, by banging his shoe on the podium and shouting, "We will bury Russia by turning over more neighboring countries to its control!"

To which effect I inserted an illustration into the lead editorial above.

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Wait, Russia "gets naked, in front of the world" and they get countries.

So just WHAT happens in the Champagne Room?


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I replaced the lead image with Biden channeling Khrushchev with a shoe. Just in case, here's the old version:


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Sounds like a plan. The first time around Soviet Union collapsed because it had to hand out so much money to so many satellites for political purposes only.