BurqaBarn: Dress Your Woman in Style!

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By Tamil Mohammar Ramadan

Hello my friends! How many times have you caught one of your women bandying about without its burqa? How many times has an insolent female flashed her ankle by "accident"? Has this caused you humiliation and pain requiring whipping? Have you been forced, through no fault of your own, to resort to honor killing? Isn't it time you stopped wasting perfectly good woman flesh and invested in a foolproof coverage system for your females?

Now, BurqaBarn, in conjunction with Citywide Waste Management, has a solution for you!

The new "BurqaBag" is guaranteed to keep any female properly attired and is triple-ply tough.

Just place the non-male into one of our bags and engage the cinch-top mechanism. Do not worry about air supply - our studies show there is at least two hours of air available.

Image Properly covered wife and non-male offspring

The BurqaBag is currently available in basic black, with the wheeled carrying case sold separately.

While these products may seem expensive and decadent, remember the last loss from your herd, then purchase our product!

Image Dress your women in smart BurqaBags
and take them to the woods for a family picnic...

Image ...and let them enjoy the sun

Image Fashionable BurqaBags allow your females safely
to attend sports events and mingle with others
in the women-only areas

Women can even engage in athletics themselves:
this pleasing pyramid features the famous team
of non-male Baluhistan Acrobats!

Man's wives faithfully waiting for him at the bus stop


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Ever since we were young, National Dhimmigraphic was a source of passionate inspiration here at Propaganda Department wih regards to women's issues. However, we all have noticed the latest change from less covered females (so progressive in the days of our youth) to more covered and sometimes even completely covered females (what's progressive nowadays).

Nowadays our inspiration comes from National Dhimmigraphic stories and pictures like these: ... ports.html

which has already been reported on the People's Blog last week:

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A post by AggieSoonerMom on her blog ( ) who claims BurqaBarn was her idea:

Ten Reasons Why Wearing a Burqa Might Not Be All Bad

1. No more bad hair days.
2. No more bad skin days.
3. They're the great figure equalizer; everybody looks 52-52-52.
4. You can stare at people and make faces and nobody will be able to tell.
5. Purchase one or two boxes of X-large Hefty bags, and your wardrobe is set for a full year.
6. Annoying people you wish to avoid won't know it's you under there.
7. Uncomfortable, constraining undergarments not required.
8. No one will know your age.... or sex, for that matter.
9. In a pinch, it could double as a tent.
10. You can smuggle a really large hoagie and a six-pack of beer into the stadium.

So, in case we are every conquered by Muslim extremists, it will be important to look on the bright side. Those daily stonings can really get you down.

If you search for Hefty Bag and Burka, you will find that scores of people have had the idea -- it is not such an intellectual leap. However, the fine work of Mr. Ramadan rests in his point of view, which is priceless. The visual aids also help.

Thank you mr. Square. I being but a worthless woman can't thank you enough and in numerous positions for your fashion section. The thought of being able to mingle at sports events makes me all warm and runny inside. I can't wait to try on my new burqa.

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Thanks to the fact that I'm a guy I can chose weather or not to wear a BurqaBag anytime I want. That way I can sneak large quantities of food into the theater and when the lights are out, consume everything and throw everything away on the way out!

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More pictures from Free Republic:

How about the 2006 Patriotic Burka?

Hey, wait! Before you go, how about a nice little burka for the kids?

While you're shopping, have you seen the new summer style? We embroider free . . .


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...laughing my ass off...good one Comrade! You are indeed the "Redest" of them all!

Jihad Bride is brilliant (as are all of them, of course!).

Also, to add clarification, we are all Red, some are just more Red than others.

I hurt from laughing, the Seasame Street one was the best. I tip my cap to you sir!

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Surely the fall lineup is on store shelves by now?

One of our progressive arab brothers (I admire their revolutionary spirit, but what will we do about their addiction to religion?) sagely noted that uncovered women attract assault the way uncovered meat attracts cats. Perhaps our comrades at Ziploc might release a product to keep the meat fresh?

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Now THAT is an excellent idea, Comrade! hmmm fresh meat :)

Or better, Food Saver...

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Islamo-Fashions in London:

Islamo-Fashionista submit their Autumn/ Winter 2007/8 collections. The elegant scarf around the insolent woman's face is designed to hide bruises, broken nose, and missing teeth she will be duly rewarded with when her master finds out that she failed to cover her lower meat portions.

Image Image

Dear Comrade:

I hope you realize just how terribly politically incorrect all this burqa-bashing is. I mean, day after day, hour after hour, we are scolded into accepting that Muslims shall have special rights in our society, that we all must make special accomodations so they will not feel "uncomfortable."

Perhaps a better way to fight back would be to insist upon getting the party's message out in a similarly in-your-face fashion (well, except for those wearing a burqa). For example, standing on streetcorners with loudspeakers, barking out Communist principles. Er wait... that's already happening in most university campuses around the nation. Hm. Well, how about special Marx-worshipping rooms in airports and arenas? See, then we can all "have our say."

OK, now I've given myself a proletariat-sized headache.

Carry on with the most excellent work, Chairman... love the magazine cover!!!


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I wonder if special post-mastectomy burqas and swimwearare also being designed.

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So what did I buy my favorite female grad student for V-day? A burqa, of course. I've even arranged for an Iranian mullah to "marry" us for three minutes. It's role-playing night - or, what I like to call, the "Magic Carpet Ride!" <Shut Yo Mouth>

Nothing says "I Love You" like a burqa and a three minute marriage. I also wrote her a poem:

Roses are Red,
And so am I.

On a side note, I know an English fashion designer who opened a store in London called "Burqerotique". He always used to say to me, "Dr. P, it's what you can't see that makes the burqa so sexy." He played around with the lines; you know, raising a hem here, making a tighter fit there, and so on. Some of the Islamo-couture showcased in Comrade Red's post reminds me of his sensuous, "Haremesque" designs.

Apparently, the local Imam didn't agree and said that my friend had better close his store or they'd "Salman Rushdie his ass."

Needless to say, Burqerotique is no longer opened for business.

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That girl with the shake that went with those fries and burger.....does she work for BurqaKing?

Cover the ankle, that will fret us
Cover the face, that upsets us
All we demand is that you dress up our Muslim way.

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Laika - Curriculum Vitae:
Friend of the People
Hero Cosmo-Dog
Presidential Hopeful
Bard Emeritus - The People's Cube

... "the shake that went with those fries".... Atomic Dog?

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Burqas are (apparently) blue for a couple reasons - the first is that blue is traditionally a protective colour in Mediterreanean and Muslim societies as it is thought to protect one against the Evil Eye. In the Middle East, many Muslim school children are dressed in blue uniforms or wear blue smocks to protect them. Similarly, many houses and other buildings have blue painted window and door frames to keep evil out.

As for burqas... they aren't all blue. In many parts of the Muslim world, they are black or dark navy. The lighter blue we associate with Afghanistan is actually just the colour favoured by the Taliban. It has simply become the customary colour in Afghanistan. In other parts of the Muslim world, you are as likely to see black or dark navy. Some think that the lighter blue became more common and was eventually favoured by the Taliban because there was less contrast between it and the woman's underlying skin tone, thereby reducing that much more the potential for her face to be seen at all. With darker coloured burqas, it is easier to discern a woman's eyes, even through the mess veil, and for this she can be stoned to death.

What is interesting is that there were shots in the video of women on the street with their bare hands and ankles/shoes/feet showing. While I wouldn't say it's much of an improvement, when the Taliban were still in power, simply showing any bare skin was enough for a woman to be stoned to death or summarily shot. Today on any street in Saudi Arabia or Egypt, you could easily find a woman in a black burqa who's hands are completely gloved in matching black and who would never allow her feet or ankles to be seen.

So... the blue burqas in Afghanistan are really just like a gang-affiliation thing - like the Bloods wearing red and the Crips wearing blue... Afghani women are just representing!

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It says that the video is no longer available. I guess they were afraid of offending someone.

You guys are psycho to some next level extent!
i mean c'mon
what about them!?
its not fair.
when a nun covers, she is known as a pious woman.
but when a muslim woman covers through her own free will,
she is known as an oppressed woman!
A woman doesn't cover because her "husband told her" to do.
it doesn't work that way.
HECK, it CAN'T work that way because you're suppose to do it for God
not some mhere human.
Muslim women don't say anything when other non-muslims walk around half naked.
Why does the fact that they cover themselves bother people then?
How is that a woman who hides her beauty from random men a bother to someone?!
You're making fun of their belief
i mean like c'mon
everyone has a right to religion
freedom to believe
And freedom of speech doesn't mean to harmfully hurt a muslim woman's feelings by telling them to wear a garbage bag!
why does covering up beauty bother you people so much?
beauty as in your freakin chest, ass, body, hair, lips, etc.
When you think about it,
even the slightest part of a woman can be attractive you know?
i swear like even her hands for example!
why do you think girls get their nails nd shit done?
Thats why muslim are forced to cover themselves.


btw the video doesn't work?

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Nuns don't cover every single part of their body. They're faces are exposed. And they chose to be nuns. These women have to abide by the burka whether they like it or not.

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Our misguided liberal wrote:A woman doesn't cover because her "husband told her" to do.
it doesn't work that way.
HECK, it CAN'T work that way because you're suppose to do it for God
not some mhere human.

I'm afraid that's not entirely true, Mr. liberal. Have a look at this article from the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

Mir Akram, a psychology professor at Kabul University, agrees that the burqa is necessary to protect women from unwanted attention.

"Wearing a burqa is a kind of exploitation that men visit on women," he said. "A woman on the street without a burqa is seen as fair game for any sort of male overtures. Men are always making remarks and cursing women, and this certainly has a negative effect."
Women have been wearing them for centuries, but until the Taleban era they were just one of several choices for Muslim women who wished to conform to Islamic standards of modesty. Islam requires that a woman wear the hijab, or veil, to cover the head and neck, and long sleeves and trousers.
One prominent Kabul mullah, who asked to remain anonymous, agrees the Muslim faith does not prescribe the wearing of the burqa, saying the Taleban's actions in forcing women to wear the garment were actually against the laws of Islam. "Women are required to wear the hijab, which allows the face, hands, and feet to remain uncovered," he said. "Those who say that the burqa is part of Islamic law are mistaken."

But tradition dies hard, particularly in a society where literacy rates are low and most people get their information by word of mouth. In the Taimani neighborhood of Kabul, IWPR's questions about the burqa provoked an angry reaction from one woman.

"Wearing the burqa is part of Islam. Every Muslim woman must wear one. Why are you disobeying the laws of Islam?" said the woman before rushing away with her burqa billowing behind her.

And I like the way that you defend your position that it's the woman's choice to wear the Burqa (or Hijab) and no one forces them by saying "Thats why muslim are forced to cover themselves."

Classic Liberal double speak. Turn to Communism, my misguided comrade, and you will be cured of the confusion.


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I'd like to see a picture of a nun who went shopping without her garb and was beaten for it by her husband.

Your logic, Liberal, suggests that in a Muslim society all women are expected to be nuns. You can't possibly believe that 100% of them are willing. Your argument disproves itself.

I guess rushing to judgment with half-baked thoughts is what makes one a Liberal.

It's the same thinking that led Western liberals to believe that 100% of Soviets were willing builders of communism under the glorious leadership of [insert your favorite Soviet leader here]
Or that 100% of Iraqis supported Saddam Hussein and repeatedly re-elected him to his post. Or that 100% of Persians support the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and want to live in a mullocracy.

The next time you want to make a similar argument about Muslim women, please first ask yourself whether you would like to be a woman in a Muslim society.

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I typed out a whole long rant to Liberal, suggesting among other things that he must be Superman with X-ray vision, to see thru a burqa to read a Muslim woman's lips--how else would he know she never says anything about half-naked non-Muslims? But when I hit "submit" I got "server is busy", lost the post, said some very bad words, and decided to leave it at this since you men have made a good argument already: ... ?id=159480

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Thanks for the link! The father is the murderer, although he surely regrets this now. But part of the blame in this girl's death also lies on the Canadian multiculturalists who view conformity to the Western standards in Canadian immigrants as an undesirable submission to the DWEM cultural hegemony, while submission to Sharia law is encouraged.

And sorry about the lost post, Pinkie. We've had an unusually large number of visits today. I've had that happen to me before, and now whenever I realize my post is getting big, I copy it into a Word document and continue writing it there. That way, if the browser starts playing tricks, the content is still safe and I can paste it again.

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liberal wrote:Liberal's poem.

Comrade! What a beautiful poem. You really must write more for us. This is good stuff. I admire your bravery and courage. Please, you must submit more. You are exceptionally bright and intelligent. I like seeing that. The Party has many uses for people of your caliber. I would say don't be a stranger, but now that you've posted we know you! You are most useful.

yet 70% of all people converting to islam are women, makes you wonder...
i think the americans have used the media very cleverly to create a negative image of muslims, so we all hate muslims, and no one gives a fuck when they go hunting in muslims countries

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And of course the Americans are doing it deliberately. Which would not be possible if they hadn't planned everything in advance, as part of a conspiracy to create a negative image of Muslims, and then went a-huntin' to the Middle East. The key word here is conspiracy.

And the worst co-conspirator is George W. Bush, who is literally pulling strings of the mainstream media puppets. And the media puppets shamelessly dance to his music. Just watch any press conference. The journalists never criticize Bush or ask him difficulty questions. They are fawning over him, protect him from hurtful remarks, and tell us how clean and articulate he is - as if the Western media has not a iota of dignity, independence, or judgment left.

NPR, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, AP, and all others from the start have been mere doormats for Bush and the Americans, spewing jingoistic propaganda of militarism, capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, religion, and oppression of the free-thinking atheist Muslims, who have done nothing whatsoever to cause this attitude.

It is now clear that the Muslims are suffering simply because they happen to be living on top of a large sea of oil. That proves to be true everywhere the Muslims are - London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, or Copenhagen. I think if you drill deep enough in those traditionally Muslim habitats you will find lots of oil. The Americans know this, and once again they are using the media to give Muslims a bad name. They do it so that in the future, when the Muslims become a dominant group in that area, Americans could go hunting to Europe and steal all the British, French, Spanish, and Scandinavian oil.

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I just thought that "Bush and the Americans" is a good name for a rock band.

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b19bux wrote:yet 70% of all people converting to islam are women, makes you wonder...
i think the americans have used the media very cleverly to create a negative image of muslims, so we all hate muslims, and no one gives a fuck when they go hunting in muslims countries

Yes, very clever indeed. Just look how they have slandered poor Yaser Said who was only trying to be a good father.


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"I guess rushing to judgment with half-baked thoughts is what makes one a Liberal." In a nut shell.

The burqa and hijab are for only one purpose; to be a constant reminder to women that their fate is in the hands of men, be that father, brothers, husbands or even strangers on the street.

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I am compelled to revive this thread with this painting by an Iranian artist living in the West.

Nicky Nodjoumi
The Seduction of Mullah Mohammed, 2003
Oil on Canvas
68 x 50 inches

...and also with this photo in the "life imitates art" category:


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S.A.F. Marshal Pravda wrote:Now THAT is an excellent idea, Comrade! hmmm fresh meat :)

Or better, Food Saver...

LOL! Seal-a-chick(or bitch,as warranted)

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After reading this article, I will never be able to take out the trash in the same way ever again. I may, unbeknownst to myself, even be hauling a live person, which would explain why it is always so heavy. I think I'll just start kicking trash bags at random and listen for the most attractive yelp. Also, I can use it for my secret missions as a secret disguise while secretly undercover.

Also, red square, due to the combination of you're recently posted pictures and those of the obama/dolphicorn article, I have been convinced to take a vow of chastity for the good of the party. Long live the cube!

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this has always been a favorite thread of mine...LOOKIE!!! Muslim butt crack!!!

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Red Square wrote:Image

As one of my crumb boyfriends would say, "Wow! Now those chicks are stacked!"

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Red Square wrote:Image

oooOOOoooh! Souvenir Taliban salt and pepper shakers... those are gonna be worth something on eBay in about 50 years. Do they make a mill version?

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I think they might bring back Iran's Next Top Martyr! And to go up against the newest reality hit, Oxygen Network's "Pretty Wicked", English Al Jezeera is doing a show where 12 potential suicide bombing females live together in a house and compete to win challenges, the ultimate prize being their mostly devoutly wished for Martyrdom... It's called "She's da Bomb!"

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Since France is on the verge of passing an ANTI-BURKA LAW, I thought it timely for a bump here...for agitprop.


story here: credit the evil Drudge Report

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The French parliament has adopted a formal motion declaring burkas and other forms of Islamic dress to be "an affront to the nation's values." Some have accused criminals, from terrorists to shoplifters, of wearing veils to disguise themselves. A ban, which could be introduced as early as the autumn, would make France the second country after Belgium to outlaw the Islamic veil in public places.

I guess we now have to can our plans to open a BurqaBarn franchise in France.

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This one is not exactly a burqa, but it's surely a big step towards popularizing cinch bags as appropriate female cover.


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It is so sad that the First Lady always looks angry and put out in her photos. I think we should all feel sad with her. That way, in some small way, we could be as good as her...always angry at the injustices of a world that kept her husband and herself from power and achievement solely due to their race. If only America was a better place, a just place, a place where dreams can come true, she wouldn't be so sad, and His Obamaness would have been elected president. It truly is a comment on the vicious racism of our culture that he did not win the presidency. Oh wait a minute...he DID win! She IS the First Lady!

...Then why does she still look so angry?

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Comrades... I'm catching up and stumbled across this lost notifikation from a couple months back and in browsing, realized just how many holes have been left by my tardiness at getting my websites back up, to which many of my posts here had linked fotos... my sincerest apologies. Since my friend stopped his web-hosting business, I've been fixated on the Global Warming Vodka thread missing all the fotos of the Kanadistanjian Ice Bears and the Evil Western Military Industrial Complex's genocide of the Noble Ice Bear by exchanging its traditional drink of choice, Vodka, with High Fructose Carbonated Beverages, when the real issue was here... and the most important foto that was missing is one I will do my best to upload. It is, I believe, a fine example of that old adage, "a picture says a thousand words..." and it illustrates much more profoundly than anything I could ever write, the difference between the choice a nun makes by taking up the wearing of a Habit, as opposed the practice of forcing Muslim women to adhere to a standard of dress they have no part in choosing and which is just one more thing in their lives over which they have little or no control, given that they are considered nothing but brood mares and chattels by their fathers, brothers, husbands, and sadly, often the other woman in their families, should they attempt to exert control over their own lives and come up against some very twisted notions of honour... But I should probably address this to 'liberal', to whose post it is in response....

I'm trying to say with weak words what this foto so clearly illustrates... And so, for your viewing pleasure....

and that, I think, says more clearly that I ever could in words, that a nun chooses to take the veil while the Muslim woman is forced to (and not only the veil but the rest of the bolt of fabric from which it was made), and if she disobeys in this, or in any other 'small' matter (or large), the outcome is clear, or as in the case of Aqsa Parvez, a 16 year old girl living in Mississauga, a part of the Greater Toronto Area, who, on December 10th, 2007 in our wonderful multicultural country, Kanadistan, was strangled to death by her father, Muhammed and oldest brother, Waqas, for deciding she would no longer wear a hijab. They were recently found guilty and sentenced for her murder, and which was rightly deemed an honour killing, despite their defence council and their family and their mosque and much of the larger GTA Muslim community, and even some addle-pated apologist non-Muslim Kanadistanjians trying to portray this young girl's murder as a matter of domestic violence. Her father's own recorded statement belied this disingenuous line of defence. "My community will say you have not been able to control your daughter. This is my insult. She is making me naked.” Her mother, on the other hand, was at one point, overheard sobbing, "They could have just broken her legs... they would not have had to kill her if she would only have listened." I want to vomit every single time I read those words.

She had recently fled the family home where she had no privacy, her room adjoining that of her parents and the doors having been taken off their hinges do that she could always be watched and controlled. This is the short version, leaving out the family mediation set up by her school administration, her fleeing to a woman's shelter at 16 and not from a boyfriend or partner but from her parents and siblings, and despite numerous court orders that her family have no contact with her. She thought she was safe, but while she waited for the school bus with the friend whose family she was staying with... had taken her in so that she would not be killed for deciding not to wear a veil, her brother pulled up to the bus stop in a minivan and despite a court order restricting access to her, he motioned for her to come over, "just to talk." She was then bustled quickly into the van and her brother drove off as her school friends who attended an all girls Catholic school with her - an attempt to keep her segregated from boys... a number of other Muslim girls attend the school as well, ironically - watched in shock before calling the police. They were also later called to the Parvez family home, where Aqsa was found dead, and could not be resuscitated, despite attempts, as she had been dead for some time before anyone, police or ambulance, were called... rigour was already setting in. As a matter of course, her body was flown from the Mississauga hospital it was taken to by ambulance, to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto where an autopsy found that she had died from manual strangulation and compression to her chest. Of the other family members residing in the home, all felt this was an appropriate punishment for her dishonouring her family - something she could have avoided if she had simply buckled down and donned a hijab as she was expected to (and soon married - she had already been promised to a cousin from Pakistan who would then be able to come to Kanadistan to live with his new wife, and no doubt, force her to wear something much more traditional than simply a hijab, as that was already the case with those of her sisters who were already married... all the married children in the family had done so through arranged marriages that were put in place before they even reached puberty). Those family members who felt her punishment was appropriate included not only her mother, but a couple unmarried sisters who were older than her by one and two years, as well as brothers and their wives and children, who continued to live with their parents along with their wives and children, after they were married... the girls moved out with their husbands, either to their husbands' families homes, or if they weren't in Kanadistan, to homes of their own... )...

Again, ironically, had any of the few nuns working at her school - most of the teachers are not clergy - decided not to wear their habits to school, none of them would have been bound, their arms at their sides, buried up to their elbows in the ground so that they could neither struggle, nor in some cases breathe properly, and then be stoned to death... a few hundred years ago, they might have been arrested as witches or heretics, tortured to the point of confession, and then been dragged or driven through the streets, stripped down to a simple sheath, their head shaved, to be burned in front of a slavering crowd, but again, oddly, as nuns, they were much less likely to suffer this fate at the hands of the Inquisition, than the average woman of that period, and those people that were, were sometimes men as well as woman, though not equally so. However, in general, as I understand it, this practice has pretty much disappeared in the modern Catholic Church - I can't be sure, being a Jewish Buddhist, but I'm fairly certain it's not something they do any more. So, I think that although, liberal, you've attempted to draw an interesting parallel, it has, unfortunately, diverged conceptually from what you were trying to illustrate. The two are just not equivalent situations... and although I am a long-time member of this group, I'm neither a guy nor a psycho, and the degree to which I am heterodox would probably surprise you. In any case, your assertion that, "You guys are psycho to some next level extent!" is, I can assure you, an existential fallacy. It is based on assumptions you've no right to make, and which you then go on to try to back up with a further existential fallacy - equating nuns... women who take the veil of their own free will, with Muslim woman who are forced to wear not only the hijab, but far more stringent uniforms, and not only in Muslim countries... Your logic is flawed and your argument poorly presented... but hey... give 'er another try and we'll see if you can come up with something better... or at least with a bit more imagination and... well... facts, which are always a good thing if one is to argue one's position well.

As you say, Peace... or as I would say, With Metta.

Sister Massively Opiated

PS. Comrades - I've been telling Red that I'll get it together and get my sites back up ASAP so that all the pretty pictures come back, for some time and have failed him utterly... but seeing the gaping holes in so many posts, I'll get right on it... and hopefully, the paragraphs and hard returns I tried to include in my post but which aren't showing up in the preview will actually show up when it's submitted... if not, apologies... I would prefer that the post not just be one big glob of text, but it may be out of my hands... we'll see... perhaps if I edited it in a different browser... in the end, it is what it is...

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Sister Massively Opiated, I not to be for the sounding of ignorance, but are you to be telling us that New Current Truth is that the Mooslim peoples are of the bad kind? Or were you to be speaking in the Out of Karakter mode? I am of confusion.

User avatar
No... I never speak out of Karakter... I'm Kanadistanjian, which means I'm allowed to sit on the fence. I call it being heterodox. Our government calls it multiculturalism (cult being the operative word, I suspect). Some Kanadistanjians take it to such an extreme and sit up there for so long that the fence post goes up their own a$$es and they become a victim of their own wishy-washyness... martyrs to the coexistence of uncertain tentativeness, irresolute simultaneity, and indecisive ambivalence, though not conflicted anxiety, as we try to avoid both conflict and anxiety as a nation...

Wait... Yes! I was... I was speaking! I remember now... yeah... maybe... or not... No, I was speaking out of Karakter... Did anyone hear that?... Wait a sec... What was the question?... Umm...

Hang on... I just read what I wrote... before, I mean... and I'm not sure I was myself when I wrote it... though I might have been... I forget... If I wasn't, I have no idea who else I might have been, but I'm losing interest so I think what really matters now is... ahhh... something else... Hold on... I've got something in the oven...

Is it time for my medication yet? Anyone?...

I'm sorry. Who are you?

Okay... I'm sorry... In all seriousness, I figured the entire thread was mostly Out of Karakter, so I didn't bother making note of it.... I also, by the way, didn't realize that Pinkie's link to the article for the Financial Post piece by Lord Conrad Black (a supposed Kanadistanjian robber baron who is currently running a newspaper empire from somewhere in a U.S. jail), was about the Aqsa Parvez case... If anyone ever finds a article from the Financial Post, or from the Canadian National version of it, which is called The National Post - it is one of our National Papers and the only one that is not simply a broadsheet for leftist propaganda and the only one I'll pay for because it is not automatically anti-Israel, and not subliminally or latently antisemitic - let me know. It's the paper that is on my doorstep every morning by 4:00 a.m. (Lord Black is also a businessman and publishes papers for customers who he assumes would like to get their papers early enough to be able to read them before their day starts... in Canada, the Financial Post (which is what the paper was originally called and was primarily a business paper with a bit of other news in it) is now a section within the National Post) and as I have a paper subscription, I also automatically have an electronic subscription which means I have access to articles that aren't part of the free paper that's available online - you can see that they're there, but don't have access to them or only have access to a small part of it, so if there's something anyone's interested in, let me know. Their editorials are excellent.

In the mean time, sadly Aqsa Parvez was not the first honour killing in Canada and there have been a number since she was murdered in 2007. This was preceded in the late 80's by a number of instances of Indian immigrant women being immolated by their in-laws or husbands - often having cooking oil poured on them and then set on fire - after the women left their own families in India to live with their husband's families in Canada, and ultimately, their dowries were deemed to be not of significant enough value... this went on until it became a political and woman's issue in the mid-90's... it started to get a lot of print - and it seems to have declined in Canada a great deal, though not in India itself, just as honour killling won't diminish in the Middle East and parts of Africa and SE Asia even should the epidemic be contained in Canada...

But any Muslim will tell you that it is not a function of Islamic law or of the Q'uran... that it's a cultural aberration, just as bride killings in Indian families is a cultural aberration. Of course, a culture evolves from the primary values that drive it, and in strictly religious societies, that can only be the dominant religious doctrine... Israel is smack in the middle of a region where in any county, and most certainly, in Gaza or the West Bank and the rest of Israel, honour killings occur every day... and yet, among the Jewish population in Israel, it is not something that happens... Jews, no matter to what degree they are religious, don't kill their women over perceived dishonour to their families. If the Jews in Israel don't partake in the practice of honour killings, and for that matter, neither to the Christian Arabs in Israel, despite being surrounded by the practice, then one must ask, what is it that drives the rest of the population of that country and the region to undertake this sort of remedy?

And so it might not be written anywhere in the Q'uran, and it might not even be enshrined in Sharia, which does differ depending on the place and the interpretation and application, but the fact that the practice doesn't seem to differ would again lead to the question, what is it in the culture that drives the practice of murdering the daughters of one's family to cleanse it of the taint of dishonour that might have arisen from the woman's actions, but more often than not, had very little to do with her actions and so is solely out of her control anywhere... is, in fact, solely driven by the perceptions of others...

If the basic values that one finds in Canada arise from a tradition of Protestantism to a large degree, and Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity and Judaism to lessening degrees, and we find this practice abhorrent as a nation and as an overriding culture... If the cultural norms of this country have developed from a fundamentally Judeo-Christian tradition, despite attempts to secularize our government (and since God is still mentioned all over the place - even in our repatriated constitution and in our national anthem, and we remain a commonwealth country with a Queen who is the head of the Church of England, I don't think we can really claim that our country is secularized), and we don't go around murdering our daughters for perceived abuses of our family honour, then logically, regardless of what the Q'uran 'says'... that is, what is written in it.. and regardless of whether Sharia, by standard interpretation or by the fatwa of interpreter... regardless of how often it is claimed that it is not part of the religion, the fact that it is tied to the religion's traditions makes is part of the practice of that religion, whether it is officially written within it or not... If the culture that not only allows, but demands and ignores honour killings has developed from the traditional practices of Islam, it matters not whether it is written in the Q'uran or not, and unless and until every imam and ayatollah issues a fatwa not only decrying the practice but making it a seriously punishable offense, it will remain tied inexorably to Islam, whether secular Muslims condemn it at the top of their voices or not, whether they are horrified by even the notion or not, and there is nothing they can do to change that... not perception... and not prejudice... but reality...

When we, as members of a religion or a culture or a nationality are proud of the values that are associated with it and of our membership in it, we are only to happy to admit the association... to admit that the practice or value that arises from that culture, a culture that is associated with the traditions of a religion or a nationality, is fundamentally and inexorably connected because the one arises from the other... So too, if a value or practice or traditions that we find abhorrent arises from a culture that is bourne of, and so inexorably tied to and associated with a religion or nationality, then no matter to what degree we practice that religion or culture, we cannot simply deny that the connection exists. Traditional Catholics have coined the term, "Cafeteria Catholic" to describe a Catholic who picks and chooses those traditions of the religion they wish to practice... and in the modern world, there are many in every religion who do this... who practice various aspects of their religion rather than following it's doctrine to the letter. But regardless, that does not free them of responsibility for wrongs that are perpetrated in the name of that religion. They can decry them and say they are not part of what the religion is, or is about, or that it is not doctrine, but if it is carried out in the name of that religion, then even if one is not responsible for perpetrating that wrongdoing, they cannot deny that it has arisen from the tradition of that religious practice... No one is saying that they themselves are guilty of anything - only that they cannot deny that if a practice is tied to the religion, then whether they observe it or not, if it is wrong... IT IS WRONG... and that just because all members of that religion do not observe that practice, does not make it something that is not fundamentally connected to it, whether it is doctrine or dogma or not... In this way, there ARE many good Muslims who find themselves painted with a very broad brush and so associated with practices that they themselves find abhorrent, but all their denials cannot change the fact that until and unless they ACTIVELY do something to separate the observance of what is a cultural tradition from the religion itself, they are still associated with it, whether they are guilty of the practice or not, and no amount of denial will change that... So unless secular or moderate Muslims do everything in their power to stop the killing of women in the name of the culture associated with their religion, they will find themselves associated with it... and they are the only ones, really, who can stop it, and to ignore this is to tacitly participate on even the smallest level.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." If they do not want their religion associated with the practice of honour killings, or any practice they find abhorent, and do not want to be thought to be associated with it, then they are the ones who must fight to stop the practice of honour killings in Muslim culture. No one else can, because if anyone other than they do, it is simply seen as so-called "Western Culture" imposing its will on Islam, rather than moderate and sane Muslims fighting a practice that is part of the culture of Islam, whether they want it to be or not. And this goes not only for the practice of honour killings, but of any practice that they believe is wrong... And if that sound like a gauntlet being thrown down, it is. Instead of whinging and whining and denying and crying, CHANGE the culture, because no one else can. It is not enough to be insulted by the association and deny it to those outside the culture who are either critical of it or who have been victimized by the more fundamentalist or insane elements of it... If you are good people, and you ignore evil, in any form, it will triumph. If it is being carried out in the name of your religion, and you abhor the practice and its connection to your culture, DO SOMETHING, because you are the only ones who can change it. But until you do, don't complain about those members of the rest of the world who grow impatient while they continue to be victims of that culture. We can only defend ourselves, our values, and our own cultures. We cannot change yours.

(I apologize to anyone who might have been disturbed or frightened by my frequent use of the word CHANGE ™... It was not meant to invoke any particular individual, public figure or American President, and I meant it in the strictest sense of the word... and "alter" could have been confused by the not so literate, to be something religious.)

So... yes, I supposed this is Out of Karakter, but then, the thread itself had gone in that direction already, to a large degree, although I do agree with Comrade Otis that the initial post that this was referring to was a lovely poem... Very John Lennon-ish...

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Many thanks for very long and meandering reply to my simple and most innocent of questions.

Actually, I have good habit of staying out of such postings as I am at losses for words. I am sometimes to have the trouble of the reconciliation of my karakter and topics posed.

I had friend who was from India and she to tell me that suicide is very common. Rather than being killed, the girls would rather kill themselves. It's disgusting.

Not to have so much of the worry. Soon all the world to be Mooslim state and so it will all seem to be as equal.

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There was a time, not so long ago, that if a woman was widowed in India, it was almost expected that if she was young and childless, she would throw herself on her husband's funeral pyre... and if she chose not to, then generally, shortly thereafter she'd have a disastrous and deadly accident involving cooking oil and her sari catching fire while she was making deep fried chapatis... Statistically, an astounding number of young widows in India are on the books as having died in freak oil fires in the kitchen, up to about the end of the 80's when pressure was put on different levels of Indian government and their police forces to stop ignoring the fact that dousing someone with oil and setting them alight doesn't really count as an accident if it's premeditated...

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Halloween is near, order before it's too late for you!


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I saw her standing there and I told her she had three beautiful children. She didn't have to get all pissed off and threaten me. It was an honest mistake.


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I made those! I am very proud of my design. I thought about it very carefully. I just wish I'd remembered to add those breathing holes I had in the original sketches... Damn tight deadlines! If anyone should know breathing holes are important, it's me!

(heavy sigh)... oh well... next time I will go the extra mile to find blue zip ties, just to add an extra layer of protection from the evil eye... and some breathing holes...

Merry Yaya

PS. Dearest Great Incarnadine Trapezoid... Are you sure she wasn't just insulted by the idea that you were speaking to an unrelated female without her having a proper chaperone, and so putting her at threat of being stoned by any one of her own family members or in-laws... or neighbours... or complete strangers? You never know who might be watching and she does have a rather distinctive yet comely outline.

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Yet another story in the paper this morning about Iraqi refugees trying to get from Turkey to Greece in barely inflated dinghies, and fake life jackets, having paid thousand of dollars for the privilege of watching their family members drown... and Greece sending them back to Turkey in barely sea-worthy overloaded ferries... Why do they not just inflate the Burqa Barn Burqas, and take a roll of duct tape with them. I am sure that an entire family could fit on one floating mama, and if they lashed a bunch of mamas together... well, it's make one hell of a raft. I wish we had brought back this thread before so very many were lost at sea... Algunas veces, our bursts of inspirations come too late.


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I guess this belongs here. From Duffel Blog:

Real Housewives of Raqqa about to blow up on Bravo

RAQQA, Syria — Bravo channel executive producer Andy Cohen debuted a sneak peek today of the latest installment to the Real Housewives series: “Real Housewives of Raqqa,” set to premiere during Ramadan. ... -on-bravo/