The Obama strategy: Running with scissors

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UPDATE: The original post has been rewritten and published in The Washington Times


The Obama campaign attempted to capitalize on the doctored reporting of Romney's 47% remarks by posting a mock "Romney's Responsibility Map" of the United States suggesting that we take scissors and cut out the 47% of the country that doesn't matter.

It was a clumsy attempt because the actual fault line that has divided the country is not between the states, but between two governing philosophies - Constitutionalism and Progressivism.

One stipulates that the government's role is to feed its citizens; the other holds that the government's role is to ensure the citizens have the freedom to feed themselves.
The advocates of one philosophy are trying to besmirch this country, its history and culture, creating the impression that the traditional American system is broken and isn't worth saving, so that they could be granted the license to expand the government powers and take charge of everyone's lives.

The other side praises American history of individualism and industrialism, encouraging the citizens to take charge of their own lives as the only proven course towards success and prosperity.

Unlike their "progressive" opponents, they don't divide America into minority pressure groups. That doesn't mean they neglect protecting minority rights; they just look deeper into this issue. In the words of Ayn Rand, "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." Thus, it is the individual rights that take the priority.

Cutting and dividing the country cannot be part of their plan by definition. The notion of scissors swishing through America is a mere "progressive" projection, and a telling projection at that. Guess who has been instilling the notions of a nation divided? Rich vs. poor? Corporations vs. people, whites vs. blacks, one percent vs. ninety nine percent, middle class vs. everyone else? Talk about cutting out parts of America that "don't matter"!

With this in mind, the People's Cube responded to the Obama campaign's attempt at humor with a map that describes the "progressive," revisionist vision of America (see below). The cartoon is mockingly asking the audience to help Obama cut America down to size: "Fundamentally transform America by getting rid of unprogressive ingredients and wait for instructions on what to do with the leftovers."

This map of America is filled with an array of "progressive" buzzwords that either have never been part of the traditional American mentality, refer to things of the past, or have different connotations to a rational mind: corporations, consumerism, oppression, exploitation, sexism, racism, greed, bigotry, imperialism, neocolonialism, patriarchy, etc.

These labels do not describe this country and only make sense to someone looking at us through the lens of the discredited and anachronistic Marxist doctrine. And yet this happens to be the frame of reference that is being imposed on us through education, media, and entertainment channels by the "progressive" camp, the sitting president with his close allies included.

The problem with this picture is that if one really tries to hack through America trying to eradicate all the above imaginary "impurities," there will be no leftovers worth saving - which has always been the self-fulfilling prophecy of the "progressives." And that is what makes their well-meaning but delusional efforts objectively dangerous.

And finally, the hand with the hammer-and-sickle shears has been borrowed from the anti-Communist Hungarian cartoonist Victor Vashi, whose legacy is being lovingly preserved at the People's Cube.


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What needs to be cut-out to get rid of what ails America:

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Google has already accurately identified the part that does not matter. Please cut here ASAP.


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Think about this for a while-

declaration dependence.jpg
Hint- Compare it to the Original. See if you can spot the difference.

When you get it, you will probably cuss.

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Anyer Marx wrote:
One of the 47%
Comrade, I believe you have stumbled upon gold.

Correcting 99 to 47 needs to have its own blog post! I will dedicate all of my photo-shopping prowess to any such an initiative! In fact, I am getting my scissors, white out, needles, and thread in anticipation as I type this!* We socialists should be proud of our dependence on taxing highly productive capitalist enterprise unity with the supreme state!

*Having augmented coal powered brain and cybernetic limbs to operate decommissioned Soviet Tesla Suit makes this a very common occurrence for me.... though I seemed to have misplaced third set of arms. Looks like it is time to register for ANOTHER disability claim!!

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UPDATE: The original post has been rewritten and published in The Washington Times

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Komrade Scratanitch:

This comparison was made by me in 2009, not unlike yours.


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Vladimir_Scratchanitch wrote:Think about this for a while-

Hint- Compare it to the Original. See if you can spot the difference.

When you get it, you will probably cuss.

I believe the EU Constitution has a comparable number of pages, perhaps more. Must be a coincidence.

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Daniel Hannan, a Brit MEP, has talked eloquently, about the brevity of the U.S. Constitution versus the European one, which enumerates rights for everything, including the right not to have a bad hair day.

And if you do have a bad hair day that someone else is to blame, and he must pay.

"You didn't build that," becomes, "You have to pay for the removal of someone's port-wine stain and therapy for low-self esteem and allergies to work."

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I am new here and find the commentary very stimulating....and red!

well done commrades!

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spymyeyes, welcome to the Cube. We are all progressives here--meaning that we are solipsistic, self-entitled, self-righteous, unconcerned with others' property rights, fixated on getting more property for ourselves, and utterly vicious and dishonest about how we go about it. If we're caught then we'll make excuses, for no, we didn't built that dishonesty. We adopted it.

We aspire to be Made Progs here. As in a made man in the Mafia. A made prog is someone who can lie without compunction--think Bob Bechel or Michael Moore. A made prog believes that it is his right to take what he wants.

A made prog is just plain better than other people. Because we're morally superior, what we say goes. And what others say doesn't matter. Because they're not human.

See how easy it is to be a prog? All it takes is attitude. Continence is for others, as is probity.

We're progs. We're special. And we can be as vicious as we want. Ask anyone on NBC, CBS, ABC, or MSNBC. Now those people know how to lie.