“We aren’t hurting anyone. It’s only property.”

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One of the businesses destroyed in the riots of 2020:

“It’s only property.” is something the Left says about such things. I’ve heard it many times. They would have you believe the lie that your property and your life are two completely different things. The Left compartmentalizes property from human beings. 

But to be human is to know of yourself as a life in time. Knowing of yourself as a life in time and not as animals do as of the moment we make of our lives as physical bodies of our lives. Our lives take physical body. Our “property” as spiritual beings takes form physically by our agency as property just as our hearts and lungs and brains are property of our immediate bodies.

Without property rights there are no rights - because without property rights we cannot develop as human beings rather than live as animals. The “property” inherent and acknowledged by property rights is the fundamental “property” that makes us human rather than animal - the spiritual property of our souls that gives us such a highly abstract awareness that we see we are lives in time and the free will to make a more perfect possession of our lives.

The first order of business of those who would enslave is to deny us our property so as to deny us our fundamental property.

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"Without property rights there are no rights"

I was going to write: "If only our politicians knew that."

Then I realized, oh shit, that's their strategy.

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"The Left compartmentalizes property from human beings. "

Except for the Ruling Elite of the Left™.