Boris's and Natasha's new identities

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Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, formerly known as Boris and Natasha, had changed their looks, names, and religion to make a new future and escape the harassment by Rocky and Bullwinkle.

The Fearless Leader joined the U.S. Department of Justice, making sure that Rocky and Bullwinkle be held responsible for disrupting any of Syed's and Tashfeen's activities.

Syed became a government health inspector to pay the bills, since bomb-throwing didn't bring much income. That allowed him to inspect many soft targets in the area unobstructed. Tashfeen stayed home making bombs, plotting, and communicating with the network.

In other words, they had a normal lifestyle of a well-adjusted family in Las Humanas, actively participating in social media, vacationing at training camps, and having a blast.

At the same time, Rocky and Bullwinkle continued to bitterly cling to their guns and religion, scorned by the mainstream media, shunned by Hollywood, and out of touch with the new generation of America's children. The patriotic duo was classified as "domestic terrorists" and placed under 24/7 government surveillance.

And so the story begins...

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Hammer and Loupe wrote:Tashfeen stayed home making bombs
You mean, like.... a bombwife?

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Captain Craptek wrote:You mean, like.... a bombwife?
wife is a bomb copy.jpg

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Yes, Comrade H&L,

It's a good thing no-one checked out their social media accounts where all was revealed about their intentions, even 2 years ago. My goodness!

Glorious Leader (PBUH) has provided a cloak for such prevaricators by denying such intrusions on their privacy, while denying those who wish to defend themselves from such incursions, everything, including the right to defend themselves AND their privacy.

It is now clear who Glorious Leader (PBUH) favors.

That would be Boris and Natasha, of course. ; • )

One can only wonder how

* the NSA records data on every phone conversation
* taps every internet connection that goes through AT&T
* can't write a program to look for key words and phrases on Facebook pages.

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Comrades. Comrades! Comrades?

Never question the tactics or the results of the Party™. The Party's™ Intentions™ are always Good™.

All things work out for Good™ for those who Love™ the Party™ and are called according to the Party's™ purposes.

If Party™ operatives must disguise themselves as adherents to the Religion of Peace™ in order to create mayhem that will instigate a cry for greater order, then it's all for the best.

There is nothing to fear. Fear itself is a tool of the Party™.