Footage Released of Pelosi Getting Hammered

Compadre Trini Lopez weighs in

If I had a hammer
I'd hammer on Pelosi
I'd hammer on his cranium
All over San Fran
I'd hammer away reason
I'd hammer away morals
I'd hammer away the cred
Between the elites and the normies
All over this land

If I had a vid
Id hide it in the morning
I'd hide it in the evening
From folks in this land
Id hide the vid from Fox Friends
I'd hide away from Tucker
I'd hide away the truth
Of the sickness of the elites
All over this land

If I were a Dem
I'd slander in the morning
I'd slander in the evening
The proles in this land
I'd slander all the Heartland
I'd slander all the Christians
I'd slander away the love
Between the white folks and the BIPOCs
All over this land

I got a hammer
And I'm still a Dem
And I got a vid to hide
ALL over this land
Its the hammer of madness
Its the video of depravedness
Its the destruction of the trust
Between the elites and the normies
All over this land
All over this land

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Red Square wrote:
1/28/2023, 8:37 pm
I'd rather be a hammer in San Fran...
Here's the bodycam footage of the Pelosi attack. Anything look weird to you??
Some say it's weird that we don't see who opened the door. Others note that it looks staged, with DePape and Pelosi in position to perform their drama for the police.

However, the weirdest thing occurs at 24 seconds when it looks like a cop jams his fingers up DePape's butt. (It is San Francisco.) 
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Another weird thing about hammer video is DePape is not wearing his tin foil hat to receive information from Laika. ... e-remarks/