Joe Biden Reads The 23rd Palm

1) The Lord is like a shepherd ... Hey, I got a shepherd, and he dropped a ball for me and for me to grab the ball and go down the alleyway from the shower to my bed and I pulled on his tail a little, and thats how I broke my foot ...... And uh, I shall not want, you know ... the thing

2) And he maketh me lie down in green pastures ... Hey, just like Jill makes me lie down for a nap at 10 in the morning after I call a lid on everything. He leadeth me beside the still waters .. Just like that pool when I was a lifeguard and the kids would come up and rub my leg hairs. and that's how i learned about roaches

3) He restoreth my soul .. just like I'm gonna restore decency in America after those Neo Nazis at Charlottesville did that candle vigil with their BULGING NECK VEINS!!!! ... and Trump said they were very fine people. C'mon Man!!!

4) Yeah, though I walk thru a valley where you run into thugs like Corn Pop, and he was a bad dude, I shall fear no evil. Cause I'm Scranton tough, man. You mess with me, I'll meet you back of the gym and beat the hell out of you

5) He prepareth for me the most extensive voter fraud organiza- ... wait a minute, I didn't mean to say that ... I meant he sets a table for me in front of my enemies, for some reason. And then he does some other stuff, but I cant remember just now ... Are we done?

6) There's one more? Surely allegations of vote fraud will dog me all the da- ... Whoops, there I go again. Surely a bunch of good things will follow me all the rest of my days ... And I will dwell in my basement for what few years I have left ... just trolling you, dumb bastards

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It was like hearing Palm 23 narrated by Charlton Lenniesky.

'pelipsky's really into The Cancelled Season™ like never before.


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And Palm Sunday has something to do with getting all handsy with girls in church.

Oh very good, First Comrade ... a picture of President Derelict Biden giving himself a face psalm. How fitting

I heard he was quite upset when he learned of his latest gaffe .... "Wow, that makes me look like I'm peudo-religious. I should see a pychologist. I might have pychomotor issues in my speech center, cause I chased the dog in the alleyway to my bed after he got me ball, so I pulled his tail .... and son of a bitch, they fired him."

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What was I thinking what was I thinking No really what was I thinking? More and more these things escape me!

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Here is a picture of Joe reading the Book of Palms.


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Margaret wrote:And Palm Sunday has something to do with getting all handsy with girls in church.

Mrs Palmer and her five daughters went to confession.