The True Most Awesome Rubik's Cube Creation Of All Time

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Huffington Post snubs the People's Cube in an outrageous omission among what it describes as...

Most Awesome Rubik's Cube Creations Of All Time

HuffPo wrote:Most of us struggle to even solve a Rubik's Cube, never mind using them to create awesome pieces of art. And that's what some great talents have done here, using the classic puzzle to build homages to staples of pop culture. The movement's known as Rubik Cubism, and may be only the art form to celebrate the beauty that is Jaws from "The Spy Who Loved Me." Obviously, this is a genre that must be honored.
A genre that must be honored? You get no argument from this collective organ! But where is our glorious educational, colorblind-friendly submission?


And we could go on and on...


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When I'm hearing Awesome Cube, I'm thinking, but THE ONLY TRUE MOST AWESOME RUBIK'S CUBE CREATION OF ALL TIME!? I'll second that emotion Comrade Director.

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Rubik's weak imitation of the People's Cube is gay.

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™ Of course, the People's Cube was snubbed at the Huffington Post because the progressives who read that sight are our useful idiots and must be kept in the dark about their true function, to bring the Progressive World of Next Tuesday™ seamlessly to Amerika without their knowing what the end result really is.

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Comrade Whoopie wrote:Rubik's weak imitation of the People's Cube is gay.

...but some gays do love The People's Cube™.


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So the Obama mosaic is one of the "most awesome" creations. I wonder if someone had created a George W. Bush mosaic, would it be reviewed by HuffPo as "most awesome" or even shown in the samples.


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Seurat's pointilism be damed comrades! We have glorious squares of plastic!

I hereby order every prole to delve in mosaic until the Fuhrer His Holiness Obama says the peoples craft may progress. And comrades.... don't neglect the Red Squares!!!

We have LCD screens to think about!

Hail Obama!

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I used nothing but People's Cubes to create this work of art. As you can see it is a picture of Karl Marx, Lenin and Obama leading the masses in the final struggle, slaughtering the last of the reactionaries such as Bush and Company as pictured here, covered in the blood of revolution under the new dawn of a red, red sun. Even the sky is blood red.


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That's museum quality, Otis.

Malevich, eat your heart out! You had only one dimly red square on canvas, but Otis has hundreds of gloriously vibrant, inspiring red squares! This, comrades, is what art is about!

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Oh, glory, Otis. I think you've captured the essence of what we're striving for here. How sublime (whatever that means).

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Comrades, I have attempted to render our glorious Vice President in Rubik's Cubes, but no matter how hard I try parts of his brain keep falling out!

What am I doing wrong?

I am just merely influenced by the strategy of this game...I have never been a winner of this awesome games ..I am 24 years old and yet I have not solve it completely :-(

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Couldn't we do something to, you know, include also comrades Brutalists into the true Kubosphere?

Like, first cubify those basic bricks? And in the final step, like, Rubikize all those kollektive habitats? Like, holistically? (and sustainably, of course)