"No dissent!," says Ellen 'Burka' Barkin

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More on Ellen “Murder My Opponents” Barkin:

Barkin' Ellen: “After I help the Muslim Brotherhood take over, do you think they'll let me keep flashing my new tits?”

Dennis Hopper: “Sure, baby. But only underneath your burka.”

Barkin' Ellen: “You think? Maybe I should change my name to Ellen ‘Burka' Barkin.”

Dennis Hopper: “Why not? It does have a ring to it. What'd those things cost, anyway?

Ellen barkin tits.jpg ... em-barkin/

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silicon? F that sh*t! Pabst! Blue! Ribbon!

RIP Frank Booth

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Well, when Ellen is not sporting her "come illegitimate rape me" body forming, two sizes to small, sequin dresses with gobs of make-up, she looks like this:

A far cry and a lot of botched surgery from your b-movie full frontal days, eh Ellen? Looks like she ran face-first into Hollywood's glass ceiling. Don't worry though, you just keep re-tweeting korrect thoughts for the kollective and you'll stay relevant.

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My Our collective is proud to state that Comrade Barkin's last show business job consisted of being staked out in our People's beet field to scare away coyotes.