Obama to send 100,000 US Students to China as Loan Security

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By Igor Toutellalai, American Media Collective

The US State Department announced on Thursday that 100,000 college students would be send to China by 2014 as security for US debt obligations to the People's Republic of China.

Under the ‘100,000 Strong Foundation,' announce by President Barack Obama during his 2009 visit to China and sponsored by the US State Department, US college students would be sent to study in China to assure Chinese officials that, despite uncertainties regarding the US budget and frequent political tussles on the debt ceiling, the debts to China would continue to be paid.

Obama Wants 100,000 American Students to Study in Communist China

Chinese officials have recently expressed concern of the growing US debt, now expected to top $18 trillion by the end of the year. With frequent opposition coming from Republicans in the House of Representatives to further debt increases, and no sign that President Obama is willing to compromise US domestic growth with budgetary cuts, China is concerned that a second recession is in the works.

Anonymous sources within the White House said that Obama worked out a deal in 2009 with Chinese President Hu Jintao that 100,000 US students would be transported to China and kept as a type of ‘loan security' until debts were paid. Should the US go into default due to Republican obstructionism, the Chinese could keep the students for labor in their dwindling labor pool as the effects of the Chinese ‘One-Child' policy has cut into the number of available workers.

“The Chinese liked the idea of having strong Americans ready to work in their factories if the debt obligations of the US aren't met,” said Charles Lee, a Hong Kong financial analyst specializing in Chinese debt collections strategies. “They are also pretty certain, from observing Americans for decades, that US citizens will work hard to make sure all the kids come home.”

Lee theorized that the Chinese may release students individually to parents willing to pay the part of the debts, though their overall hope is that the Republicans will respond to American concerns for the welfare and safe return of the students by continuing to permit the White House to accrue further debt and thus keep the economy strong.

However, Lee added that not everyone in the Chinese government is in favor of the arrangement. Reports have surfaced that show the Chinese are worried that if the US defaults, the Chinese may have difficulties getting American students to work.

“Chinese workers have a very strong work ethic, whereas American young people are generally seen as overly-pampered,” Lee said. “Some (Chinese) officials think that they will have to invest a lot in re-education programs for the American students before they will be capable of working at all.”

During the coming year, the ‘100,000 Strong Foundation' will begin examining students capable of studying in China, and also rate them on their abilities to carry out manual labor tasks. If students meet the intellectual and physical standards agreed to by the US and China, they will be transported to locations throughout the People's Republic and assigned to various universities and colleges.

For their part, Lee said the Chinese are building special student dormitories with all the latest wireless technology to run all the cameras and microphones needed to track student security. They will be kept in conditions closely approximating a US college dorm.

“At least American parents will know that someone will be keeping a close eye on their children while they are away at college,” Lee added.

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Dэaя Lэadэя has figured out how to pay off the debt to the Peoples' Republic!

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This is absolutely brilliant! Dэaя Lэadэя can ship off 100,000 airhead brainwashed useless "studies" majors highly-educated college students for further enlightenment overseas, meanwhile reducing the financial burden of supporting them at home and guaranteeing the USSA's loans at the same time. Win-win!

Think how much room will be available in 100,000 basements for actually storing stuff! And the party can always blackmail persuade China to make even more loans because otherwise we can refuse to take them back!!

We need to be sure Comrade Fluke is included in this rare opportunity. If I weren't a prog I might feel bad for saddling China with a lot of useless "studies" majors resent a fellow red country somehow not believing the USSA is good for their loans but we can turn this to our advantage.

BTW - Do the Chinese have basements?

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Phuzzy Logick wrote:If I weren't a prog I might feel bad for saddling China with a lot of useless "studies" majors resent a fellow red country somehow not believing the USSA is good for their loans but we can turn this to our advantage.
China is a Blue Country like North Korea, not a Red Country.

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If they get hungry, they will be well fed...

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All candidates to report for schooling in Manchuria. Brilliant concept. 100k Obamaczars leaders of Tomorrow, ready for Tuesday.™ Something funny about the picture with the story though ...


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And what is to become of Anderson Cooper's Alma Pater? Should we not at least send a most equal amount to Hanoi?

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Such genius. We will be paying Chinese colleges to instruct our students in progressive culture and paying those colleges with money borrowed from the Chinese government! Truly brilliant! I wonder if Dear Leader once took some courses there?

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I actually was thinking that this will have a very unintended good effect. All those 100,000 students will learn Chinese. One way or another they will see the reality, no matter how much isolated and pampered they are. As they come in the US, they will want to wash out their mighty Chinese education with a higher degree in the USA. These guys will become stubborn conservatives. Obama will live to see.

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Image Nothing made me more of a patriot than living overseas. Image 转发到共产主义的胜利!

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Image This pleases me.
The redistribution of the inept & mediocre to a restrictive communist craphole to show them where their half-witted collectivist beliefs eventually lead.

Image This pleases me.
The redistribution of the Children of Hope-n-Change ™ to fulfill the Bamassiah's promise that is Glorious NextTuesday™