Vintage Soviet Accident Prevention Posters

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UPDATE: The back story of these pictures is now posted on a new thread. Everyone is encouraged to move their comments there.
- Red Square

Why discard old Soviet agitprop if it can bring the same glorious results in the United Soviet Socialist States of America, with only a few light touches?

There are more great soviet accident prevention posters HERE.

Also, you may be interested in the covers of the Nazi women's magazine Frauen-Warte on the same site. ...Because propaganda is the taste you never get tired of!

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I love the posters, Comrade ratskins. New sources of Progressive inspiration are always appreciated.

New Economy, don't get tangled up in work, collect welfare.


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Hey Comrade!
Great job on the drill press poster. I almost posted that one, but ultimately decided on the drunk at work poster. There is a lot of good material on that site including Soviet space program posters.

I was amazed at what a good job the nazis did with their women's magazine imagery. In fact, it almost looks like they hired Norman Rockwell to do the covers. When the public gives up the attempt at rational thought then their minds are easily manipulated, as we are currently experiencing in the US, in my view. Forward!

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Here's a more complete source of occupational blood and gore:

In fact, most of these posters are so old that I don't recall seeing them in the Motherland. Granted, they were meant to be displayed at production facilities targeting specific occupations, but I never saw them even as I had at least three jobs at industrial facilities, including my first job at 17 as a metal worker apprentice at a large industrial plant in Ukraine, and later as a road construction worker in Siberia, let alone the 3-year-long visual agitation stint I had there later.

It's possible that by the late 1970s when I entered the workforce, such visual agitation was beginning to turn the stomachs of even the most callous among the management. As the hard-boiled Stalinist old guard was beginning to retire, the Soviets were getting softer. In another decade they became too soft for the dictatorship of the proletariat to continue. It was the beginning of the end.


Don't talk smack about Obama!


UNIONIZE! It'd be a shame if a hammer fell on your face at work.

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Tea Party Republican Congressional Committee members

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Comrade R.O.C.K. - Are those the fishy rumors that are being processed at a White House Rumors Processing Facility?

Here's another one.


Have you been agitating against the Unions?
Next time, you'll know better!

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Comrade Square, I'll see that Agitation and raise you an Obamaphone!

We helped get Barack Obama get reelected and got cool new Obamaphones. How about you?

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JOIN THE UNION or have an accident. Which is it going to be?

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Comrade Marx - nice catch with the Debt Ceiling! Let me develop it a bit further:


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Comrade Square, I believe your development more equally captured the essence of the idea. I'll claim distraction by the "It'd be a shame if a hammer fell on your face at work" line. Classic!

And many thanks to Comrade Ratskins for the lead to the treasure trove of vintage material.

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sorry right to work.jpg
Oh, I'm sorry, you wanted right to work ... union labeled.

pay fair share.jpg
Pay your fair share. My shovel is ready, you scab.

did you forget.jpg
Did you forget to pay your union dues?

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help red states beaming poison rays.jpg

"Help! the Red States are beaming poison rays into my body!"Be watchful for conservative Christian terrorism.

kill repub get hammer.jpg

Kill a Republican, and we will give you a free hammer!

hey lets suicide to save o money.jpg

Comrade! Don't wait for the Death Panels! Kill yourself NOW and save money for the Collective!


Stamp out all fishy rumors!!!!

man no arm fight off with stick.jpg

If you see a scary man with no left hand, fight him off with a stick.

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Comrade! If you're coworker starts dancing and singing songs from "A Chorus Line", wrap a hose around yourself and play dead.

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Princess Nookie wrote:
Comrade! If you're coworker starts dancing and singing songs from "A Chorus Line", wrap a hose around yourself and play dead.

Ok, you made me laugh but I will never admit it in the tribunal.