Stanford's Latest Attempt to Distort Language

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The People's Cube has a List of Harmful Language too; it is secret but everyone must still abide by it.

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Some of the words considered ‘harmful’ by Stanford U.
with Colonel O.'s Annotations and Rebuttals in red.

Original Word or Term: walk-in [as in “walk-in clinic" or closet]
Stanford's PC Replacement: drop-in, open office
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'Ableist language that trivializes the experiences of people living with disabilities' 
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal: It’s a perfectly understood term, unlike “ableist,” which creates a nonexistent class of straw men who hate the handicapped. Besides, it has a little irony that’s sure to make even the most emotionally fragile non-ambulatory person giggle.
Original Word or Term: grandfather
Stanford's PC Replacement: legacy
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'This term has its roots in the "grandfather clause" adopted by Southern states to deny voting rights to Blacks'
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal: So what? Even if true, it’s not hurting anybody today except some soy-sipping social justice lemming at Stanford. Just another attempt to eliminate key family words (American Communist Party Goal #40: Discredit the family as an institution).

Original Word or Term: guru
Stanford's PC Replacement: expert, subject matter expert (SME), primary, leader, teacher, guide
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'In the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the word is a sign of respect. Using it casually negates its original value.
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal: No it doesn’t “casually negate” anything and neither does it—as Stanford does—glorify a word for “teacher” by calling it a “sign of respect” in some foreign tradition that nobody in America need care about. On top of that, why is Stanford concerned about retaining a word's "original value" here but not elsewhere?   

Original Word or Term: brave [as in “Indian brave”]
Stanford's PC Replacement: none/do not use
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'This term perpetuates the stereotype of the "noble courageous savage," equating the Indigenous male as being less than a man'
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal: Stanford, you are reading a lot of your own racialist angst into this word. “Brave” was a common term well over a century ago (except in MLB) and it’s barely found today outside of old literature and movies. If Stanford really wants to right its perceived antique wrongs, it should build a time machine.

Original Word or Term: man hours
Stanford's PC Replacement: person hours, effort hours, labor time
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'This term reinforces male-dominated language'
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal: Let’s face it, English is an amazing language and not very “male-dominated” at all (compared to Japanese). In English, “man” is the simple, short word for homo sapiens as a species. We say “mankind” and don’t say “womankind” because both are of the same species and species is not defined by sex. It’s easily understood that “man hours” is an accepted time metric of human labor whether you work in a manhole, write manifestos, play a mandolin, are a member of management or a maniacal man-child who mangles and manipulates words for Stanford.   

Original Word or Term: American
Stanford's PC Replacement: US Citizen
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'This term often refers to people from the United States only, thereby insinuating that the US is the most important country in the Americas (which is actually made up of 42 countries)'
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal: First, there’s no insinuation—the U.S. is undeniably the most important country in the Americas. If you don’t like it, go back to Palo Alto.
Second, none of the other countries in the Americas has “America” in its name, so no other country in the Americas has the right to call themselves American unless referring to their continent, which few people do unless traveling.
Third, anyone in the Americas (other than Americans) who says, ”We are all Americans” is an asshole because only U.S. citizens are Americans—a continent doesn’t bestow common allegiance. The rest of you are Hondurans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, etc.
and you never let us forget it as you carry your flags across the U.S. southern border while you illegally migrate here.

Original Word or Term: whitespace
Stanford's PC Replacement: empty space
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'Assigns value connotations based on color (white = good), an act which is subconsciously racialized. 
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal: Wrong! White space (or negative space) is a term most often used in the visual arts to describe unused (blank) parts of a layout that is usually on some white form of media such as paper. It has nothing to do with race, and you—Stanford—don’t get to do coffee-table psychoanalysis of English vocabulary. 

Original Word or Term: prostitute
Stanford's PC Replacement: person who engages in sex work
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'Using person-first language helps to not define people by just one of their characteristics'
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal: On the contrary, “prostitute” is precisely the only defining characteristic that brings customers to a whore or gigolo. You can no more  bring honor or dignity to the profession than you can polish a turd, so don't try to inject characteristics (plural) into a profession with only a singular characteristic.

Original Word or Term: kill(ing) two birds with one stone
Stanford's PC Replacement: accomplish(ing) two things at once
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'This expression normalizes violence against animals'
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal: One of the beauties of English is that it often uses metaphor. One of the ugliest things about Stanford’s PC redefinitions is that they make ridiculous, unverifiable claims (like the above) to justify replacing colorful metaphors with lifeless, unimaginative prose. Note: Russians use the term, “kill two rabbits with one shot,” so these phrases are cultural expressions that Stanford has no right to alter if it’s truly interested in protecting culture from assimilation or loss of its "original value."
Original Word or Term: trigger warning 
Stanford's PC Replacement: content note
Stanford's Tortured PC Rationale: 'The phrase can cause stress about what's to follow. Additionally, one can never know what may or may not trigger a particular person' 
Colonel O.’s Rebuttal:  Since “trigger warning” is a PC-invented term, are we to consider this a retraction? Who cares? The term, “content note,” will just end up causing as much stress as “trigger warning” among those who are easily triggered or perpetually malcontented, like the PC police at Stanford.

Obviously, Stanford has some very irrational, unqualified people working hard to distort a language it clearly doesn't understand or appreciate. 

There may be more to come.

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American English is taught to be an illegal thinking language at Stanford University which is why it is the language of the Stanford DOMAIN.



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Original Word or Term: Stanford University
My Replacement: Robber Baron University
My Rationale: My replacement is woker.

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$.$. Halliburton wrote:
12/20/2022, 9:46 pm
Original Word or Term: Stanford University
My Replacement: Robber Baron University
My Rationale: My replacement is woker.
Original Word or Term: Stanford University, Harvard of the West
My Replacement: Harvard University, Stanford of the East
My Rationale: One leg is both the same.

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Colonel Obyezyana wrote:
12/21/2022, 10:19 am
Here's the whole shoeshine: ... nguage.pdf

I find it interesting that on a fundamental philosophical level they believe words in-and-of-themselves posses intrinsic good or bad nature. It’s rather primitive.


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Replace walk-in with drop-in? So when I open the door, should I just drop to the floor? And should I do it facedown or on my butt? Why don't all of us just crawl in? The differently-abled can throw away their canes and crutches, all of us will drop, and we will all be equal as we crawl across the floor, humble and penitent before our customer service overlords who command us to take a number and remain behind the yellow line.

And as for "trigger warning", that shouldn't be used anyway because it could make people think of gun violence and even incite them to violence. Raise your hand if you're thinking of violence right now!

Oh, wait a minute. Maybe we shouldn't be using words like "think" because it excludes and even "others" people who never think at all.

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You can't really be virtuous unless you pound it into everyones brain that you are holier than thou. And I am.