Ukrainian women get their guns ready for Putin, with a song

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The women in the Ukrainian folk music group "Lisapetniy battalion" from the village of Piatnychany were previously known in Ukraine and Russia for their humorous, self-deprecating "hillbilly" songs. Their first big hit was about selling moonshine and buying a bicycle without the brakes, on which the singer rode through the village "like a tank."

But as the threat of Russian invasion is now overshadowing everyone's lives, the singers came up with a new music video called 'Come On, You Old Broads,' in which the women are getting ready to defend their village from Russian troops with hunting rifles, pitchforks, and an old WWII German machine gun from a neighbor's basement, promising to "protect the Ukrainian border with their own ample breasts."

And today EuroMaidan PR posted this video with English subs.


Ushanka tip to Dave Dietz - Locked and Loaded With Bacon Wrapped Rounds

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At last! Thank you for that new tune comrade - it drove "Crimea River" right out of my head!

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It's now also posted in PJ Media, so more people can switch to a new tune. ... for-putin/

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Very fine revolutionary ardor has been increased!

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Very inspiring! I am singing and dancing while I am polishing up my chain mail and combat boots.

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Women who wear combat boots and play the accordion are hot! We need a few over here.

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I think I recognize some of them!

Were they in this fine pro-Soviet film, written by Comrade Lillian Hellman?

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Comrades, it would appear that Comrade Putin, too, has a song - and so does Sarah Palin!

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Ukrainian Women Get Their GUNS Ready


There is danger afoot for our courageous President Putin in his efforts to resurrect the old Soviet Union.

I have hacked into one of the command/control training sites for one of the countless brigades of Ukrainian Women getting their GUNS ready to resist Putin.

Here's what I found:



This is a Safe-For-Cube version of a Ukrainian Woman Sharpshooter in the HOT Shot Brigade practicing her markswomanship while her fellow brigade members watch and await their turns to practice in the same way.

When questioned by military analysists, this HOT Shot Sharpshooter, whose name is Aylasho Umov, explained important aspects of the Miitary Doctrine employed by the HOT Shot Brigade:

"We know we'll face stiff opposition, our entire array of weapons will enable us to prevail.

We don't wear body armor because it would block our special weapon utilizing the visible-light portion of the electromatic spectrum which has long been known to have an extremely discombobulating effect on adversaries who are men or womyn."

"And from our spies with good connections with Putin's mistress, we know the Russian troops share the same vulnerability to our visible-light weapon as does Putin.

"We will ultimately achieve victory when Putin is Putout of Office. (Not to be confused with Comrade Putout.)"


HOT Shot Sharpshooter Aylasho Umov Explains Military Doctrine of Ukrainain Women With GUNS:

"Our Counterspies with connections with Putin's Mistress and SpyMaster Anna Chapman assure us that Putin simply can't resist GUNS."

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Secretary of State John Kerry brokers a deal with Putin to save half of Ukraine by agreeing to force Ukraine to require Ukrainian women with guns to wear gun-tracking bracelets being proposed by Attorney General Eric Holder:

Kerry to Putin:

So, you'll take only half of Ukraine if we force Ukrainian women to wear tracking bracelets so you can get your hand on their firearms.

Putin to Kerry:

Tracking bracelets, yes, but I want to get my hands on their guns.