Zombietime: Obama Disappointment Syndrome holiday shopping

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Our old friend Zombie has set up the Obama Disappointment Syndrome gift shop that sums up the national zeitgeist midway through O's presidency.

This is a very broad-minded, broad-tented gift shop where all audiences are welcome. The Progs will especially like this personalized guilt-trip aimed at Obama:

Support Zombie this late-December gift-buying season and visit the Zombie shop! ... obama-era/

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Obama has come a long way in just 2 years, from a humble manger in Bethlehem to lame duck President in his first term.

Lame Duck.jpg

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Comrade Whoopie, Since the Siberian snow in Illinoiistan has rendered me home bound away from my darling children on this criminal holiday, I visit the gulag only to find that your slipping racist imagery into our happy home!


First- Why is this duck white? Is its yellow bill a jab at our fellow communist and suppliers of Made In China manufactured goods?

Second- Its crutch appears to be of the highest quality titanium and any good prog knows, a 1x2 with a pillow duct taped to the top is sufficient for any hobbled comrade and will most equally get him to market!

and Third- Why is this duck so white!?

just askin...

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Most equal stickers and sentiments. Also I denounce Comrade Buffoon! What is this "market" of which you speak? Market suggests buying and selling, which suggests profit and gain, which suggests individual initiative, which suggests capitalism, which suggests oppression.

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Buffoonski, only Daffy Duck was black. You're not suggesting Dear Leader is "daffy" are you?

(I thought not)

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So many denouncements flying 'round!

, I find it hard to argue your points, perhaps I deserve your denouncement... but one cannot deny this is a racist white duck with a Bourgeois medical implement... I stand by my 1x2 argument. Even if its a New Black Panther guarded voting precinct he's making his way to.

Comrade Whoopie, You've given me a half baked idea!

What if Daffy Duck were to be inserted into our favorite Zombietime photos?

Daffy Marxist 1 copy.jpg

It makes no sense, I know,.