The Three Year Olds

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Yuck yuck-a-yuck-yuck (huh! yeah!)

O bummer times
Oh the muslims are fleeing
Islamists comin', don't you know my darling, I said a-right now
And the danger is nigh!

Like-a like-a like-a Satanic niche, Satanic niche, world
And our Home Land's good lookin', yeah
They rush, cuz of Preezy Barry, oh good-bye

One of these, one of these, one of these mornings, darlin'
We're gonna rise, we're gonna rise up swingin'!
Eagles spread our mighty wings, our mighty wings
And-a take to the ska-da-da-da-dy

Brrrrrrrr, we're given a warnin'
There's nothin' Preezy, gonna stop us, Barry
Cuz ‘We The People' are standing by, yeah

Pretty little darlin', I said, a-right now
Don't let 'em steer, don't let 'em steer, don't let 'em steer
Little darlin', I said, steer you from what's right

We--must--stop this Preezy
O You-ooo
Yuck a-yuck-yuck

Preezy we're gonna stop you
Preezy we're gonna stop you
Preezy we're gonna stop you, yeah

Little darlin' do not let 'em steer – Allah's far from right