Campaign of a Madman

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Screaming at protestors
Watch me win on election day.

Hopeless situation.
Any price that I will pay.

Sanity now it's beyond me.
Hear my voice.

Campaign of a madman
Crossed the line again today

Speeches of confusion
Dear GOP, I'm here to stay

Manic obsession with Megyn Kelley
Hear her voice

Sanity now it's beyond me
There's no choice

“Make America Great Again”
Build a wall, Mexico will buy.

Will they mistake Lying Ted for someone
who doesn't like to lie?

Will he negate my polls
Turn delegates on me?

When will John Kasich get out?
No path that I can see.

Voices in the media
Scream about my mental health

Can they ask a question
To help me save me from myself?

Op-eds fill up the pages
Attack me!

Tuesday 'till I win more delegates
Ill be the nominee!!