Jessica Krug: Another white person pretending to be black

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Jessica Krug, the white college professor who faked being black, started out as a politically active student at one of Kansas City's most prestigious schools and once tried to organize a flag-burning event, the mayor of Kansas City, a former classmate, told The Post on Friday.

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“I am very surprised that a Jewish girl I knew from Kansas City has gone [on] to be a purported black woman from The Bronx,” said Mayor Quinton Lucas, who attended The Barstow School with Krug in the 1990s.

“She identified fully as white and Jewish. We didn't even have that many black people at my high school,” Lucas, who is black, continued.

Krug outted herself as a race-faker in a viral Medium post Thursday, confessing she has been pretending to be black for years. She's a 2020 version of Rachel Dolezal, a white NAACP leader who was outed for pretending to be black in 2015.

Here is a photo of Jessica Krug from the 1998 Barstow High School yearbook, and what she looks like now.

Jessica Krug - Barstow Yearbook.jpg

This is very similar to the transracial Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King white story.

This video by LonelyBanter is great!