The NAACP Gets a Makeover- Agitprop needed!


The NAACP has opened a new glorious front in the lemmings' people's war against fascism. They have, after far too long, finally noticed that republikkkans can be prosecuted under the Klan Act of 1871, and have now filed suit before the winter solstice:

The law was originally written so that Republicans Democrats could legally suppress Democrat Republican members of the KKK who used to wear masks, terrorize political opponents, and commit election fraud with impunity due to Ex-Confederate Democrat Republican-majority state legislatures. Despite over a century of Republicans being accused of racism and suppression of the black vote, the act was somehow never used against them.

No more! Now the NAACP has taken the first step down a glorious road of liberation, and has consequently changed its name to commemorate: it will henceforth be called the National Association for the Advancement of Communist Colored peoples, or NAA-CCP.

The CCP ending also harkens back to the glorious majority-minority nation of China; after all, Chinese-Americans are an oppressed minority, and China shows how superior majority-minority rule is over majority-white fascism!

Comrades! The Party needs agitprop to celebrate this momentous event. White American fascists must see the glory of the majority-minority peoples, and know that no republikkkan is safe from an act their own party passed!