Who or what are The KG3? And why?

Some say they are an ad hoc group of cagey party misfits "putting the toil in toilet humor." Others suspect this troika was selected for its commitment to outstanding production. Do not be ridiculous. But perhaps the masses have the right to know why The KG3s efforts merit a separate category when they are not even children of elite Party members? Perhaps it is not wise to ask too many questions.

White House Press Corps Presidential Kneepads

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Beautiful, Comrade Curtain! Fellating The One has never been easier! I hear they like to mix his little swimmers into Gibbs' coffee.

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These white knee pads are racist...
sorry, they just should be caramel color like me

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Vodkavich, you could be even more correct if you were to use the swimmers for in-vitro fertilization and then after nine months suction them out of the willing Korps of Hussies.

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I thought we were just doing it all in dishes now to create federally funded stem cells! Comrade Commissar please bring me closer to the current truth!!

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Oh dear. Cognitive dissonance. Comrade Pelosivich could not contain her elation that the Porcissimus Stimulus bill would fund abortions, which, she said, would reduce health-care costs. One the same theory that the government ought to pimp cigarettes because medical treatment for lung cancer is cheaper than decades of social security.

Vodkavich, you have me. Is it better to go with Pelosivich's coat-hanger lust, or to make stem cells?

Stem cells could be used in various reparative therapies, but that, whatever your view of the process, is something which could have the potential to help someone. Ignore, as I said, the source.

But abortion up to the moment of crowning--that's the Holy Progressive Grail.

In one hospital room a woman is desperate to save her fetus. The staff is working feverishly to help her keep the baby she wants to much.

In the next room a woman is saying, "Get rid of it," and it's the same age fetus. In some places the baby, if it is big enough, is wrapped in a blanket and given to the ex-mother to bond with, before it is discarded.

Now. I ask you. Is there a better signifier of Progressivism? That life is <i>what we say it is</i>?

Let's carry this on a bit. When we have ObamaCare, health care will be rationed, as it is in every other country with socialized, er, free and just medicine. If you are elderly or infirm or are part of a bloc which does not vote for the government, then it will be convenient, and a cost savings, for you to not get the care that other more politically connected people do get.

As a cost savings measure, I can see the government appointing a medical social worker who will, in the name of the best medical care, make recommendations for your care. And because people in extremis do not listen well (I know from experience), the state has an obligation to listen to the doctor too. You will have a de facto guardian appointed without the trouble of an appearance in County Court and the testimony of two doctors.

And the medical social worker will, in the name of efficiency, be connected with the budgeting process of the hospital.

I highly recommend that you belong to a group that votes reliably and that you get a socially useful illness. If you can get a doctor for example to state that the tumor on your lung is from AIDS owing to unprotected anal sex, you will be more likely to get treatment than if the doctor catches you smoking. Bear in mind modern morality, where everything but sex is regulated, and only sex does not have a price.

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Comrade Commissar,

I see the point: Abortion helps nobody but stem-cells could. Therefore, we need to put all our efforts into abortion! Stem cells could indeed make people live longer, meaning needing more medical care. A very close friend lost her baby 2 days before the due date, a baby she wanted more than anything in the world, and did indeed get to briefly bond with it before she was taken away forever. I cannot imagine an aborter wanting to bond with "that lump of cells from inside me." My friend's story was incredibly sad and she still isn't the same years later. Your adjacent room parallel is rather realistic, as is your forecast of the future. My 74 votes will certainly be AGAINST such a future. Bloody hell.

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V., although I am not degreed as a lawyer I've been practicing real-estate law for 38 years and 12 days, although I started just reading deeds when I was 15. I know how guardianships work. I know how the state will take control.

My mother died a horrible death of cancer; she was quite intelligent, as are Dad and brother Mark. So great was the horror that we had no idea what we were doing--we listened to the actual words of the doctor, and didn't hear what they didn't say or skipped around. To this day I shake my head. A friend, Clark, is very intelligent, one of the three or four most intelligent people I know. I was with him, inviting myself along with another friend, two weeks ago to listen to a doctor give him the results of a biopsy: thyroid cancer. (If you have to have cancer, that's the one.) Clark can see through anything, but he missed some tricks that Linnie and I got.

Clark is now in Houston and was assigned a social work by M. D. Anderson. I know from experience that these are truly good people, but when the only elasticity in health care is quantity of care and not cost, then triage will be made by social workers/nurses, and the budget will determine how low the bar is for triage.

And I bet you <i>anything</i> that with SOBamacare we are assigned a social worker, to "insure that we get the best possible health care with the best utilization of resources."

In other words, if you're inconvenient or have an un-PC disease, make your will.

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Greetings comrades-in-arms,

Was the provision for funding abortions removed from the Porkulus Stimulus bill?

I'm sorry to say that reading the Stimulus Package hasn't been a priority for me, (I'm still reading Atlas Shrugged and need new glasses, so it's been going slowly) but being the good progressive that I am, I didn't feel the need to read it, since our elite Congress didn't bother.....or am I confusing the Stimulus Package with the $491 billion appropriations bill that was left-over business from last year? (wonder if they read that one?) Whatever........shit, does it matter anyway?..... Our omnicient, progressive Congress is pushing through spending like Imelda Marcos used to buy shoes!
We are the champions and self-proclaimed warriors of the World of Next Tuesday, the Utopia that is the New World Order, and it is upon us, comrades!

The abortion issue is indeed the sticky flypaper that emulates all that we proclaim loudly, and with ourinsane convictions to be true. Think of yourself first and foremost! Life does not begin at conception. That is a huge fallacy permeated by the evil, war-mongering, insensitive, Bible thumping, gun-clinging (but not for long, eh?) Right-wingers of the soon- to- be defunct Conservative Party! (Claps with glee)

Abortion, should always be on demand, funded at the taxpayer's expense, with the government deciding the issue, the ACLU defending the issue, and the Supreme Court upholding the all-knowing and caring Administration. Just say NO to a straight vote, up or down by the people. They are too confused and indecisive, we at Central Planning(tm) know what is best for them, always!

The day that Roe vs Wade became law was one of great celebration for the Party(tm)!
With Speaker Nanski, and the Obamessiah leading the Revolution, there will never be a final deciding vote by the public, as it should be!

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Che, you're right, that it's all about you, or, er, me, in case the two should conflict.

I await the day when I can decide that my neighbors ought to have been aborted, and rectify the error.