GOODNIGHT CHADWICK BOSEMAN: In The Spirit of James Baskett

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your Entertainment™ and thank you for your enduring spirit. Yet as a Party Intelectual™ we want to warn you of your Legacy™. You see Comrade, there will come a time in the future when we can no longer accept the portrayals in your movies. We will find them Racist™ and we will have to admonish them from culture. Yes, comrade, we will have to Cancel Culture™!

We are sorry for your young passing comrade, but another also had to go at your age. It was the comrade James Baskett, whose last starring role and claim to fame was the Disney classic "Song of The South." Of course, we had to cancel his legacy comrade, just as we will have to cancel yours. It is the way of The Party™.

We understand that you think you were making a way or standing up for your People™ when you made the movies you did, but so did James Baskett, comrade, and he also died mysteriously at @ age 44. And so The Party™ celebrates your death one year earlier than the Legendary™ James Baskett. At 43. It is shame comrade.

So we wish you pleasant rest, but we will have to revoke your Legacy™.

All for The Common Good™!

Your Ghostly Commissar,

The Ghost of Red Rooster

P.S. It will be our pleasure to greet you in here in Purgatory. Just knock on the Red Door Painted Black.