Cops Slow To Investigate Cop-hating Antifa Member's Death

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Portland, OR -- Sean Kealiher was killed in a hit and run accident after an altercation with the driver a week ago. The incident has been ruled a possible homicide by police. After those initial findings, the investigation appears to have stalled.

Mr. Kealiher and his mother, Laura "All Cops are Bastards" Kealiher, are member's of Portland's local Antifa group which protests law and order, sometimes violently.

The investigation into Mr. Kealiher's death hasn't progressed much at this point. Speaking with the detective in charge of the investigation, we're learned they have yet to interview witnesses, do forensic analysis or really anything beyond the initial paperwork required for a 'cause of death' determination.

Detective Dirk Masterson stated "we have a lot going on right now" as he blew the dust off a folder with the words "Kealiher Case" written on it. "Oh yeah - we're working really hard on this one. I might be following up on some leads pretty soon, once I get the rest of my caseload down a little. We'll see. It's high on my priority list, but probably not at the top right now."