Int'l Left Takes Over: No 45-Day Postponement

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ImageCastro and Chavez contemplate a takeover of yet another Hollywood studio

The uproar over major US seaports falling into the hands of an Arab-owned company has eclipsed a strikingly similar story of major US news outlets, Hollywood, academia, and the Democratic Party itself falling into the hands of International Left groups run by foreign nationals and even hostile governments, e.g., Cuba and Venezuela.

"Even the names of main acting figures are the same," complains Dubai Ports World Senior Vice President Michael Moore. "Unlike the DPW deal, however, the DP deal, and the MSM deal, and the Hollywood deal aren't subject to the same scrutiny and aren't going to be delayed by 45 days - even though they pose a much greater threat to national security than our shipping firm," Mr. Michael Moore said.

John Kerry (D-Mass): "The Left already has control of foreign and domestic policies in lots of other countries besides the US, and everyone else seems to be OK with that. What do we think we know that France and Belgium don't?"

Chuck Schumer (D-NY): "Dubai in charge of ports is not the same as Moscow in charge of Hollywood."

George Soros: "Foreign nationals in charge of US political and cultural institutions have no ill effect on anything!"

Hillary Clinton (D-NY): "The US political life would be unworkable without at least one party controlled by the International Left."
Some experts agree that it poses certain security risks to the country, to have the International Left running the national news media, education, entertainment, and a political party. These groups can easily sneak in and spread dangerous fabrications, dirty propaganda, or explosive rumors aimed at undermining the US government and destroying American values. They can condition public opinion in favor of a foreign government, group, or ideology - and ultimately lead the country to self-destruction, resulting in its cultural, economic, and political collapse.

Image Michael Moore
Senior VP
DP World - Dubai Head Office
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Image Michael Moore
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Int'l Left's Official Sales Rep
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But the other Michael Moore, the filmmaker, dismisses this criticism as baseless partisanship.

"This is just the nature of the entertainment business," he said. "Foreign states already operate political and business organizations in the US, with Castro and Chavez having a significant influence in Hollywood. That adds to the diversity and liveliness of our cultural narrative. Let's face it - the US cultural life would be unworkable without major studios controlled by the International Left."

Conservative groups blame the Left's takeover on the Democratic leadership, particularly Howard Dean, whose "intelligence gaps" allowed the Democratic Party to slip under control of and certain bloggers operating as agents of the International Left.

ImageRush Limbaugh: "The Dem Party has been sitting on the left fringe for years; I don't see how this takeover can change anything."

They issued a report stating that there are major unanswered questions about the backgrounds of the International Left operatives, as well as the "security environment" at the Democratic Party headquarters.

"There are many intelligence gaps concerning the potential for International Left assets to support seditious operations, which precludes an overall threat assessment," the memo says. The document warns about possible "influence" by other foreign countries on the DNC operations that affect security.

Famed Hollywood actor and director George Clooney shrugs it off as nothing new. "In the past, the KGB used to run a huge network of communist agents that infiltrated the US government. So what? Alger Hiss successfully helped to shape the post-WWII world and to set up the UN Organization while taking cues from Moscow. It all worked out for the better and we successfully defeated the critics. Just watch my latest movie Good Night And Good Luck for reference."

Film Actors Guild
The 5 HolyWood people found to be subervise anti-capitalists by the Bush-Rove-McCarthy junta's witch trials were not communists!!!
Just socialists waiting for the revoltuion to begin!

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Top Ten Rejected Titles for 'Brokeback Mountain

10. "Not-That-There's-Anything Wrong With That Mountain"

9. "How The West Was Hung"

8. "Little Bathhouse on the Prairie"

7. "For a Few Dollars More We Can Make It a Threesome"

6. "Go West, Young Man...Now South..A Little More To The South... Oh God, Yes! Right There!"

5. "Clint Eastwood's Nightmare"

4. "The Good, The Bad and The Fabulous!"

3. "Broke My Back Mounting Him"

2. "Oklahomo"

1. "Fun With Dick In James"

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Perhaps the Hollywoodniks could make a new movie with Castro and Chavez. With those military uniforms, I'm thinking a remake of "Stripes", since just about everything Hollywood does is a remake these days. The C&C boys would be perfect for the parts.

Chavez: "Come on, we'll go into Guantanamo and get them out. It'll be just like going into the Sierra Maestra."

Castro: "I got my ass kicked in the Sierra Maestra once."

The Peoples' Progressive Entertainment Directorate of Dhimmiwood announces the production of what will surely be a new and all-time great classic movie and winner of all of next year's Academy Awards categories.
"Usama - A Rap Opera"
The story about how one progressive thinker and peoples' hero revived the dream of one world-wide totalitarian utopia by cloaking the progressive movement in religion.
Chief Head PeepsProgEntDir, I. A. Boogerevskiy stated: "If only the communists would have seen the brilliance of claiming that their totalitarian dictatorship of the masses was nothing more than a religious movement - they would have fulfilled their dreams 60 years ago. Really - all that had to be done was to claim socialism-communism a religious movement - no one would have objected to their goals no matter how they achieved them. This progressive genius Usama has managed to do this and in very short order and deserves this new movie."

dissident agitator #96
""The surprising turn came yesterday when the senator was asked if her husband had ever mentioned that he was helping officials in charge of the state-owned Dubai Ports World.

She said he hadn't - then quickly tried to take back the admission, saying, "That's . . . I mean, as far as I know, he supports my position and has said so publicly."

Bill Clinton has hailed Dubai as "a good ally to America [that is] trying to build a new Middle East, they really are" - all while agreeing that congressional critics have a legitimate gripe.""


The folly continues...