'A Charlie Brown Christmas' airs with trigger warnings

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A Charlie Brown Christmas, a recent holiday tradition with strong Christian undertones, celebrated its 50th Anniversary on ABC Family last night. The program suffered low ratings, as it has for the past few years, but that is not what has upset many watchdog groups that frantically blew their whistles shortly after the start of the 50th premiere.

Before the opening scene and after every commercial break, ABC Family used a disclaimer warning audiences of potentially "offensive and dangerous" religious content found in the dialogue of the program, similar to the disclaimers seen on adult shows that warn viewers of graphic content or strong language. The disclaimer in question for Charlie Brown read: "WARNING: This program contains strong Christian messages and may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion advised."

The disclaimer was admittedly a compromise solution by ABC Family, who in the past had openly objected to the Christian messages in the program, but was forced nonetheless to air the program uncensored under the pressure from its audiences. Thus, the 'trigger warning' was added allegedly out of fear of offending or upsetting those audiences who did not demand to see the show.

An ABC Family representative explained their decision by the company's concern that the Christian messages may inspire young and impressionable viewers to leave their friends and family to join an extremist Christian cult, or it may emotionally traumatize them due to the blatant bigotry of the religious zeal of the animated cast.

Sarah Langston, a public relations representative for the ABC channel released a statement responding to the critics who claim that the warnings were absurd and uncalled for.

"We at ABC Family have been struggling with the aging Christian conservative demographic for a while now," the statement said. "Despite our better judgement we allowed the program to air unedited, leaving all the old-fashioned Christian propaganda intact, and yet they continue to be unhappy, allegedly due to the fair and clearheaded warnings we inserted in order to give a heads-up to those viewers who may be upset or disturbed by the content."

Despite the retaliation by Christian groups, ABC Family has no plans to remove the disclaimers for future viewings on their channel.

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While we're at it can we rid the nation of telephone poles, for their in-your-face Christian symbolism.


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Comrades, in his vision and wisdom, Dear Leader (PBUH) has already appointed NASA responsible for putting the USSA under the symbol if the religion of peace no less than twice per month...


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Speaking of which, we're still awaiting on the Party's verdict on how to deal with the swastika in diverse Buddhist cultures.


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Actually, this seems to be a very fair and clearheaded solution which needs to be disseminated to all MSM channels, including ABC Family.


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If only the Party could make this improvement... I'm sure in the Glorious World of Next Tuesday the People's Government will make this NASA's first priority.


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In fact, this could be a perfect Bernie Sanders campaign poster -


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Kapitan Kangaroo Kourt wrote:That brings a whole new meaning to mooning.

Or, it brings a whole new meaning to "Moonies." It's the new Moonie cult.

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Snopes debunks this story, too. What took them so long?

Snopes: Warning Fable
No, the Charlie Brown Christmas special didn't air with "Christian content warnings."

They did it in a half-assed way, though - debunking someone's deleted Facebook post that linked to a repost of our story at, which clearly marks it as a parody, and not even mentioning the People's Cube, even though explicitly links to us and the image used by Snopes also has our stamp. They don't even pretend to do any real research now, it seems.

Anyway, the post at was shared over 10,000 times and gave us a lot of traffic, so thanks for that, whoever you are!


Image Hey comrades, do you know what time it is? Time to post another Current Truth about Snopes. Coming soon!

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Comrade Red Square, when was actual research important? The narrative is what is important. The narrative IS truth!