Black Americans vs White Leftists

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Note: I am combining multiple posts into one long thread.

* Harlem residents push back against abolishing the police

“I would say it's pretty good (the relationship between the community and the NYPD). You know, all police officers are not bad. You know, you got some of them that really care about the people and really want to help the people.”

Black Americans in Harlem.jpg

The #DefundThePolice movement began after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Fuzzy noted on June 14 that mostly privileged leftists supported it, not blacks.

George Floyd's brother and family even rejected the idea.

Ami Horowitz provided more evidence that black people do not want to abolish the police. They want more accountability and reforms.

Horowitz spoke to white liberals, who think the black community would flourish without the police.

One man told Horowitz that no police would “infinitely” help black people.

Others called officers “disgusting” and “monsters.” Another said the police are around just to keep the blacks down and they “arose out of slave catching patrols.”

Horowitz then asked how they think black people in East Harlem feel about the police.

“Probably the same way I feel about them,” said the man who called officers “monsters.”

Then Horowitz went to East Harlem on Malcolm X Boulevard. He asked two people how they feel about the white people saying the black community would be better without police.

“I think they're full of crap. I think they're being somewhat ignorant.”


* Black Anti-Police activist participates in police use of force training

Everyone should watch this video and that people need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers, for their own safety.

Black Anti-Police Activist.jpg

A video from 2015 has gone viral, showing a black anti-police activist accepting an invitation from Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in Arizona to participate in police use of force simulation training sessions to better understand the stresses and split-second decisions police officers are faced with on a daily basis.

Reverend Jarrett Maupin, who organized #BlackLivesMatter protests following the officer-involved shooting in Ferguson, participated in three scenarios, each one followed by a discussion of when he sensed a threat and why he chose to draw his weapon.

In the first scenario, Maupin approached a suspect in a parking lot and was ‘shot' almost instantly. In the second, the reverend approached two men fighting, and fired his weapon when one of the men charged him.

“I shot because he was in that zone,” Maupin explained to a police trainer. “I felt that was an imminent threat – I didn't necessarily see him armed but he came clearly to do some harm to the officer – to my person.”

In the third scenario, Maupin received a call about a possible burglary and was able to get the suspect to the ground, without any shots fired.

Maupin stated that the training scenarios changed his way of thinking, saying, “I didn't understand how important compliance was… people need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers, for their own safety.”

* Black Americans March Chanting #AllLivesMatter and say, "We Need to Forgive the Past And Move On"

* Woman Pardoned by Trump destroys actress Charlize Theron For Raising Adopted Black Son as a Girl “We Need Our Black Men.

You'll recall Angela Stanton-King – she is the powerful and dynamic black woman who President Trump pardoned.

Angela Stanton-King.jpeg

Well, she's blasting elitist actress Charlize Theron for raising her adopted black son as a little girl.

Stanton-King says this type of thing is what black people should be mad about – watching a privileged white woman raise a black boy as a girl.

Charlize Theron.jpg

* White protesters support Black Lives Matters with Blackface?

* And lastly, there is former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke vs CNN's Don Lemon

Note: This one is a black conservative vs a black leftist

Peaceful Protester.jpg

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Video of Black Republicans laughing at BLM Protest With No Black People: “This is foolishness”

The video below is hilarious and was taken by a couple who are Republicans. They just wanted to visit the North Carolina State House. The self-identified “nerd,” Benji Irby, says he just wanted to visit the location when he saw a BLM protest with no black people.

The laughter from Benji and Shemeka Michelle is so infectious. Shemeka called the protest “foolishness,”

Note: This is a Facebook video so you will need to click the link to watch it. It's well worth watching!

And to start you week with a laugh, here is another video by Shemeka on her YouTube channel

Does Pubic Hair Hold a Smell?

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I wanted to say that America is NOT divided by race, color, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. America is divided into good people and assholes. And assholes are divided by race, color, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

But instead of saying it I made a meme for sharing on social media.


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Someone suggested I should've used the word "fools" instead of "assholes." That may be a wise thing to do.


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Yes Comrade Square Leader.. because they are Asses and not fully Assholes until identifiably Useful Idiots!!!

So let us call them fools!

Yet, that conflicts with my favorite novel by Dostoyevsky: "The Idiot"

For if they are true Fools they might be identified as Sincere Beings without cognisance, and WE know that is not always true.

Hmm.. the quandary... Assholes... Fools... Hmmm... Maybe we should start at Asshats!

Then we at least know it is a mental issue of a shithead.

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If you don't apologize, you ain't white.

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Red Square wrote:Someone suggested I should've used the word "fools" instead of "assholes." That may be a wise thing to do.


Today this picture was tweeted by one Marcellus Wiley, a black ex-NFL player and now a sports commentatoir with 314.6K Twitter followers. That tweet has had thousands of retweets and likes, and the number is growing as we speak. Those who retweeted it also scored thousands of retweets and likes.

Unfortunately, either Mr. Wiley cut off the margins with the People's Cube stamp, or someone else did it before him, but our web address isn't being shared. At least they are all sharing our wisdom, and that makes me happy.


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Red Square wrote:... one Marcellus Wiley, a black ex-NFL player and now a sports commentatoir with 314.6K Twitter followers. ...
314.6? Our man!

(signed: GenDum, Kommissar of Circular Affairs and Cylindricity)

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And last night James Woods tweeted the same cropped meme with no stamp. I'm still glad the idea is getting traction. And James Woods gets more retweets than Wiley!



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And now Donald Trump Jr. posted this screenshot on his Facebook - quoting James Woods quoting us.


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Regarding the title of this thread, Black Americans vs White Leftists -

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">A black man got out of his car in Austin to scold Black Lives Matter protesters for blocking the roads and preventing him from going to work and feeding his kids. <a href=""> ... </p>&mdash; Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) <a href=" 2, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

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Emerson so long ago....

"Moreover, so deep is the foundation of the existing social system, that it leaves no one out of it. We may be partial, but Fate is not. All men have their root in it. You who quarrel with the arrangements of society, and are willing to embroil all, and risk the indisputable good that exists, for the chance of better, live, move, and have your being in this, and your deeds contradict your words every day. For as you cannot jump from the ground without using the resistance of the ground, nor put out the boat to sea, without shoving from the shore, nor attain liberty without rejecting obligation, so you are under the necessity of using the Actual order of things, in order to disuse it; to live by it, whilst you wish to take away its life. The past has baked your loaf, and in the strength of its bread you would break up the oven. But you are betrayed by your own nature. You also are conservatives. However men please to style themselves, I see no other than a conservative party. You are not only identical with us in your needs, but also in your methods and aims. You quarrel with my conservatism, but it is to build up one of your own; it will have a new beginning, but the same course and end, the same trials, the same passions; among the lovers of the new I observe that there is a jealousy of the newest, and that the seceder from the seceder is as damnable as the pope himself."

If a chicken can read, we cannot understand why others cannot read. It make for good meditative time... filled with understanding and epiphanies.

Oh wait, were those words to big? THEN READ ASSHOLES, READ!!!

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So sorry.. ASS HATS.

Soon to be claimed as USEFUL IDIOTS for The Party!™

Cant' wait!!


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And this is why America refuses to switch to the metric system.

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