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You may wonder why Dear Leader hasn't yet upgraded to Vista or Windows 8, but the fact is, all White House computers are running the outmoded 2008 Hope'N'Change Operating System, which is incompatible with any private sector software.

However, a team of unionized government programmers are selflessly toiling to improve its performance. The custom-made programs include AlibiMaker, FatwaGenerator, RigTheVote2012, and others.

An interactive animated character named Screwy sees everything you do and offers unsolicited advice based on Keynesian algorithms.


The system is using advanced error reporting. Each report is thoroughly reviewed by a concerned government expert.


If you continue to experience grievances, you will see the following alert, which you must also submit.


If all fails, yet another alert will fill you with hope that change is still possible.


As the future systems will be streamlined to satisfy the lowest common denominator, future government alerts will look as follows:


Ushanka tip to Comrade Patriot for the idea of Obama's desktop, which we developed.

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Is that a partial program initiation abortion to which you slyly refer, Comrade?

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Now THIS is a target-rich environment ...

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presidential error.jpg

Congratulations Comrade Red Square on such brilliant and encouraging views into our inner party workings. I denounce myself for not having thought of it.

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Has anyone gotten the blue screen of death yet?

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We musn't forget the Presidential Desktop Icon (optimized for Hope and Change 2008).

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The New Hope 'n Change OS: Now with even more zeros and ones!

Don't let the prol users scope creep you on Hope 'n Change 2008.
Just accumlate the feedback into specs for Hope ' Change 2008 V2.0

or will it be Hope 'n Change 2012?.....undecided?...set up a committee they'll figure something out by 2016...maybe

meanwhile may I suggest a Sandra Fluke Sperm Blocker enhancement to the scanner?
a Quotations from Saul generator?

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Oh Great Roseate Geometer,

Initially, upon perusing the screenshot of the Savior's desktop, I believed I knew what "The Most Beautiful Sound On Earth.MP3" must be, but then it occurred to me that it could be so very many things... I looked throughout the explanations of the various apps and functions on the O/S, but as you know, I am officially "dystechlexic" and cannot read technical manuals to save my life... Perhaps I missed it... Perhaps I am not meant to know the most beautiful sound on earth.. Perhaps it is one of those sounds one hears those crazy religious people who knock on my door on Saturday afternoons wearing cheap suits talking of... their so-called "God's" voice, which if heard by human ears will cause one's head to explode, and for which they have created the Transformer like character, Metatron, the archangel who is both supposed voice and scribe to their so-called "God" so that when conversing with humans, our eyes and ears won't bleed to the point that we are emptied shells because the purity of their so-called "God's" voice would blow our feeble human sub-woofers and short out our brains...

So... What's "The Most Beautiful Sound On Earth.MP3?"... or am I simply not meant to know?....

... Or am I simply too stupid to understand?...

... Or both?...

... And can I download it onto my iPod from iTunes? Or is it only available for OPod on OTunes?

... Will it make my eyes and ears bleed? Will it make my head explode? I'd just like to know in advance because neither my eyes nor my ears have bled for a couple weeks and my head hasn't exploded for a few years, so I'd just like to be prepared because I'm a little outta practice.

Sister Massively Opiated

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P.S. Would it be anathema to create phylacteries out of my Peoples Cubes so that I could wear them on my head and arm? I've been meaning to ask you and this seemed like an appropriate time.

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SMO wrote:So... What's "The Most Beautiful Sound On Earth.MP3?"... or am I simply not meant to know?....

"The most beautiful sound in the world is the Islamic call to prayer." - Barack Obama

However, knowing what we know of Barack Obama, the most beautiful sound in the world mp3 on his desktop is actually him giving some stupid longwinded speech.

kiss kiss, bang bang

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The screen of death is now a sub routine of the "obamacare" application.

Next tuesday approaches as "uncle george" has bought the foreign company responsible forAmerican vote counting. We now have all the sophisication of Europe.

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A link to this page led me to Lunatic Outpost forum where opinions were split in two. Those who disparaged our post did so obviously because they support Obama.

It is indicative that their signatures either decried the FBI infiltration of subversive groups (in the past, those were mostly communist and other leftist radicals), or called for cleansing Christianity by ditching the Old Testament due to its Jewish nature.

The latter was something the Nazis also advocated, as they glorified and mythologized the "pure" pre-Christian Aryan civilization before it was "polluted" by the Jewish Bible. I can recognize the trend because I observed it among the radical Russian nationalists, who are much the Nazis in this regard.

It is also indicative that in today's America, the radical Left and the anti-Semitic fascists are converging and are almost unanimous in their support of Obama and his policies.

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Comrades, it is indeed fortuitous that our Glorious Government IT minions are the world's finest and leave no openings in our networks and enclaves for any form of attacks or data corruptions. Why, think of how destructive such interference would be - that is, while Tearrorists are yet allowed to use networked computers (that will Hope and Change™ real soon now) and can afford the power to run them.

If the Tearrorists were able to disrupt our Glorious and Vital For The People™ information infrastructure, how would we maintain control our beneficent rule guiding helpful interference hand?

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A marvelous acquisition, Comrade Putout! Especially since these are so hard to come by, Dear Leader having pretty much used them all up! Did the White House get a new shipment?

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Regarding "the most beautiful sound in the world," as Obama once described a morning call to prayer by a muedzin from a minaret: if that's what he believes, he must have it on his iPod.

In the times of trouble, or when he's sad, or when his ice cream cone falls on the floor, and needs to listen to something uplifting, he plays "the most beautiful sound in the world" in his headphones - and is ready to go back to his important work of fundamentally transforming America.

That's also his morning alarm and a ringtone on his Blackberry for the 3am calls.

Click to listen to The most beautiful sound in the world


Obama listening to the most beautiful sound in the world.

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Now that's a ringtone, Red!

The first time I heard the Islamic call to prayer was back in the early '90's when I had to visit Bahrain. Walking down the street and that weird creepy sound started blaring from all those towers. Made my skin crawl.

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$.$. Halliburton wrote:Now that's a ringtone, Red!

The first time I heard the Islamic call to prayer was back in the early '90's when I had to visit Bahrain. Walking down the street and that weird creepy sound started blaring from all those towers. Made my skin crawl.
I know the feeling. Istanbul ... at first it is a novelty but it gets old in a hurry.


PS: Comrade Putout is a Collective Treasure.

Wow! -- many items expected on his desktop, but thought to be classified.
Did somebody die in acquiring this hidden info?

Is it hypocritical for Barry to use a computer, because everyone in the world does not have one? -- Never mind his lavish, pampered lifestyle like a king. Don't even become aware that Americans at the poverty level live better than a king of a century ago & even better than the average European.

I didn't notice his files for:
Spouting unchallenged lies
Fallacious logic flaws
Surreptitious race card playing
Golfing & frequent recreation
Pretend compassion
Flaring envy & class warfare
Care like crap

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executive order.jpg
To decrease deficit, all governmental responsibility will be turned over to the United Nations, a governing body concerned with international fairness and justice. All references to national pride, loyalty or respect is forbidden and punishable by forfeiture of all assets, allowing further investment to the public good.

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The images of the Desktop and the "Fatal Error" alert appeared on two different days in the American Thinker. They had some very equal comments that are worth posting here for the sake of redistributive justice.


Too bad we cannot hit "ctrl + Alt + Delete" on the past four years.

It is too bad that the system does not have "Switch President" in place of "Switch Users"

Format C:

The shortcuts to "Mein Kampf", "Das Kapital" and Chairman Mao's Little Red Book must be hidden.

Ain't that the truth, I'd add another icon or three, like- Speed Dial Muslim Brotherhood, Sell Arms to Muslim Extremists, and Block Emergency Calls from Foreign Service.

I'm just wondering how many times the window pops up stating that he has performed and "illegal action?"

I also don't see an icon for an "executive order" generator.

No icon for "fix elections" nor one for "kill list" nor one for "Half Jackass Nominees." I hope this computer has a lot of disk space because I can think of a lot more. There needs to be a whole folder on ways to: "Play Race Card."

Bill Ayers rough drafts folder is missing

How about a "Select New Scandal" application? It can have a "Pick One Randomly" option as well. Since nothing seems to stick to this miserable shadow of a failure anyway, it's all just fun and games for him to pass the time (he gets bored easily).

There's way too much bloatware and unused programs bogging down the system. Probably spyware and viruses, too. Time to wipe the drive and reload Constitution 1.1

Garbage in garbage out

In reality what will appear instead of the "Fatal Error alert" is the "Blue Screen of Death" from which there is no recovery - and support that has been discontinued.

The biggest problem w/ the "Hope and Change" programs, regardless of version is that they're basically all the same program with a different label. The latter are only more hyped, more bloated, and more resource consuming, and more corrupt than the original. Ultimately it's over-hyped virtual snake oil which does more damage than good.

Kept trying to click on the "Send Grievance Report" but just like the feral gov't it doesn't work ...

Time to go Linux, by the people, for the people.

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And now our Desktop of Death also appears in Daniel Greenfield's roundup of the week's events.

I always enjoy reading his Sultan Knish blog and recommend it to anyone who appreciates good writing.

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I denounce you all for the installing software to protect from Sandra Fluke infection. Sandra Fluke is affectionately known as "The Punch of Georgetown and PG County."

We never close

At one time mothers would expose their children deliberately to chicken pox, thinking that it might as well be done. Every progressive should have a good Fluking--it instills a modified version of the chlamydia bacterium which means that all progressives are true Fluking progressives: their orifices are lax and sloppy but have lots of sharp teeth and loud noises, puffs of self-righteousness and stinking things come out of them.

And we have the Progressive's New Mantra: "Stay out of my snatch, government, after paying for birth control. Any my phone number is 202 555 3825."