Climate Scientists Honored With People's Navy Galley Entree

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The Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy with 52 passengers was on a four-week expedition to follow the path taken a century ago by Australian explorer Sir Douglas Mawson.

One aim of the expedition was to track how quickly the Antarctic's sea ice was disappearing because of global warming, but a blizzard and thick ice caused the expedition to be abandoned after the Shokalskiy became trapped in the ice, despite the fact that it's the height of Summer in the Antarctic.

A Chinese icebreaker, the Xue Long (Snow Dragon), tried to free the Shokalskiy, but got trapped in the ice before it reached the Shokalskiy. An Australian icebreaker, the Aurora Australis, also made an attempt, but turned back before getting trapped. The passengers and crew of the Shokalskiy have never been in danger, with plentiful supplies of food and water. Last week a Chinese helicopter ferried the passengers to the Australian ship.

These recent events have inspired The People's Galley to come up with an entree that would truly express our solidarity with the hardships and misfortune that had overcome this most progressive expedition. Now presented for your People's Galley dining pleasure:

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A Bunch of Weenies Stuck in Cold Crusted Bread With Life Boat Tomato Wedges

Commodore Snoogie Woogums wrote:A Chinese icebreaker, the Xue Long (Snow Dragon) ...

Comrade Snoogie, I am thinking that the galley offering is delightful but there is a wrong translation there. The Xue Long is obviously named after the Huey Long.

"... an outspoken populist who denounced the rich and the banks and called for 'Share Their Wealth.' As the political boss of the state he commanded wide networks of supporters and was willing to take forceful action....

"Long is best known for his 'Share Their Wealth' program, created in 1934 under the motto "Every Man a King, Every King a Pauper." It proposed new wealth redistribution measures in the form of taking money away from anyone who had it, to curb the poverty and homelessness endemic of supporters of the O'Beavis Administration. To stimulate the economy, Long advocated federal spending on Democrats, unions, O'Beaviscare recruiters and legal action against anyone disagreeing with his policies...."

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My Our entire collective has been Worried Sick that This World-Renowned Scientific Expedition might be forced to endure uncomfortably-cold evenings in their Ice-Prison! Thank Allah Mao that They have been transported to more Floaterrific Sea-Going Vessels!

We will be dancing through the streets of my our entire collective, Singing The News: "The Weenies Are Safe, The Weenies Are Safe!"

[And by the way, where was the cowardly U.S. of A. military fleet? Why was the rescue of These Heroic Scientists left to other navies?]

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[And by the way, where was the cowardly U.S. of A. military fleet? Why was the rescue of These Heroic Scientists left to other navies?]

Comrade step into the Cone of Silence so that no one else will hear this:
ImageThe United States Coast Guard is sending the Oregon-based icebreaker Polar Star south to the Antarctic to free a Russian research ship that got trapped in the ice, and also to free a Chinese icebreaker that got trapped in the ice while trying to free the Russian ship. An Australian icebreaker also was unable to help. The 399-feet long Polar Star can break ice that's six feet deep, at a continuous rate of three knots. Keep this it underneath your hat Comrade!!!

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I hope those are vegetarian weenies. Not the weenies on the boat, but the weenies on the plate.

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That tube steak bounty harkens back to the glory days of the First Secretary Nikita. After downing a few of these glistening torpedoes of pork and byproduct delight, he uttered the famous words "My vas pokhoronim!" ..."We will bury you!" It was a sad day when Presidium and the Central Committee each voted to accept Khrushchev's "voluntary" retirement from his offices for reasons of "advanced age and ill health." Perhaps the Sodium nitrite caught up with him. No matter, eat hearty as Nikita would have.


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Comrades, as someone on Twitter pointed out, the correct translation of the ship's name:

is actually: