Come Out of the Political Closet, Fellow Travelers!

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Democrats, liberals, progressives, union members, neo-socialists, leftists, educkators! Quit pretending and come out of the political closet! Comrades, for decades you have voted in lockstep with the glorious kollektive! You have elected a president with a solid Marxist edukation, so the "C" word is now mainstream! Declare your true ideology and proudly declare you are a communist!


You vote for it, you support it, now own it!

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Would that be a "bullet" train, Comrade? (Everything in socialist utopia is done with bullets.)

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Opiate of the People wrote:Would that be a "bullet" train, Comrade? (Everything in socialist utopia is done with bullets.)

Bullets are always compulsory for those who refuse to join the party.

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Comrade Brainiac,

If only Dear Leader would utter the words you have just spoken! Praise Lenin, if only he would - what a glorious moment in our wretched lives - to at last be free of personal responsibility and cuddled safely in the bosom of The People's Party! [sobbing quietly...]

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out and proud 2.jpg

John Kerry out and proud.

brokaw bird free.jpg

Tom Brokaw out there and loving it.

Those who do not board the train will be considered enemies of the state. For the greater good ™ they will be rounded up and recieve, at no charge, daily treatments at the water board recreation center as well as electrical brain wave shock treatments to help get their minds right.