Confirmed: Insulting YouTube Video Caused Benghazi

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Comrades, despite the lies you've been hearing in the reich-wing echo-chamber, the very insulting anti-Islamic YouTube video did indeed cause the attack on our "consulate" in Benghazi. This was confirmed up by ABC news today.
ABC News has obtained 12 different versions of the talking points that show they were extensively edited as they evolved from the drafts first written entirely by the CIA to the final version distributed to Congress and to U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice before she appeared on five talk shows the Sunday after that attack.

White House emails reviewed by ABC News suggest the edits were made with extensive input from the State Department. The edits included requests from the State Department that references to the Al Qaeda-affiliated group Ansar al-Sharia be deleted as well references to CIA warnings about terrorist threats in Benghazi in the months preceding the attack.
See, the first 12 versions of the talking points refused to mention the very Insulting anti-Islamic video, that's a problem. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that the video was the main reason why those random street protesters attacked our embassy; so of course the talking points had to be changed! I mean, "death is a part of life" until you die. Show me where the American personnel at the embassy were frantically trying to ask for more security in eastern Libya....
In addition to describing the security situation in Benghazi as “trending negatively,” the cable said explicitly that the mission would ask for more help. “In light of the uncertain security environment, US Mission Benghazi will submit specific requests to US Embassy Tripoli for additional physical security upgrades and staffing needs by separate cover."
Ask and you shall not receive. You see, the sequester was already having its affect on our military before it even went into effect, so this is the Republicans fault, it was their idea. And another thing, that new Libyan President sure has nerve, he contradicted Our Leader and his underlings right away, how could he know it wasn't an insulting anti-Islamic YouTube video that caused the attack?
CURRY: What is your evidence that it was a pre-planned act of terrorism? MAGARIEF: Number one is choosing the date, 11th of September. It has all the significance. We take the facts about the way it was executed, you can see there's enough proof that it is a pre-planned act of terrorism.CURRY: Describe the attack based on your investigation.
MAGARIEF: It's too early for me to give the details, but it was launched with a high degree of accuracy, which means the perpetrators must have had some kind of exercise on how to hit and launch these rockets.
CURRY: You're confirming that rpgs were used in the initial attack.
MAGARIEF: And mortars.[...]
CURRY: Do you think movie had anything to do with the attack?
MAGARIEF: Not on this attack, it had nothing to do with this attack.
Oooh, reading that gets me so mad!!! How did he know it WASN'T the insulting anti-Islamic YouTube video, answer: he doesn't! Why is the date September 11th significant, can anyone explain that to me? This is such a pathetic attempt by the Rethuglicans to take down our squeaky clean Obama. Either way it couldn't have been B. Obama's fault, he was in Vegas at an extremely important fundraiser during the attack we think, so he's in the clear. Benghazi doesn't even come close to how bad Watergate was, so the right should just get over it.

"What difference at this point does it make?"

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And The Annointed One has personally (with a little help from 50-or-so of his closest brown-shirts advisors) apprehended and executed detained indefinitely water-boarded a confession droned advised the perpetrator of the "film" of the error of his ways. All this talk of Ben-whats-his-name is old news. We must focus on the important things for The Collective Children™, like how, since guns were used by embassy personnel to suppress the peaceful film-caused demonstration, if guns were outlawed, such demonstrations would not happen.

"Have you seen me?"

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F.A.R.C.-EP wrote:This is such a pathetic attempt by the Rethuglicans to take down our squeaky clean Obama.
You forgot to mention he is also articulate and bright.Joe Biden - "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy..."I mean, that's a storybook, man."

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OF COURSE IT WAS THE VIDEO!!! Look at the accurate photo of guilty Tea Party person being arrested! Are these rightwingers blind?!!

And I agree that at this point, what difference does it make?!! The dead are deceased and being deceased is a part of living . . . . to quote a loyal Democrat!! Get over the pointless point that it was not a video!! Dear leader changed one minor word by redacting "terrorist" so not to upsetterrorist.... freedom fighters!!

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We were extremely proud to see that justice was served when the filmmaker was arrested, as we still are now—even though we firmly believe Benghazi is, without question, a very minor issue. We cannot wait until the SECOND HELPING (which would normally not be allowed due to sequester-related rationing)!!

Repeal the First Amendment!
Defend Our Freedom Fighters!!
Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech!!!

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Hermann Göring and Rudolf Heß on the defendants bench, what difference at this point does it make.

Being correct or telling the truth is often situational.

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As a Christian Progressive I am always confused about which side of the political issues to be on. The lines are just so fuzzy. Thankfully Pastor Mugwump sees things from both sides and makes me feel much better about my confusion.

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Comrades, the most exciting part of the story to me is the fact that a catastrophic foreign policy failure can be blamed on a YouTube video! The first time I heard the excuse used, I marveled at the sheer insanity of the assertion. Then a lap-dog media won't even hold your feet just a little close to the fire about the lie for over 8 months, I mean, the possibilities are endless!
[img]images/clipart/Prog_Off.gif[/img] I'm not so sure we should feel too sorry for the purported film maker. From what I've read, he has like 30 aliases (many islamic arabic names), and he may have worked with the PLO, which doesn't sound like a Copt to me. So, don't be surprised if the "Innocence of Muslims" ends up being found out to be made by muslims with the expressed intent of enraging muslims. The plot thickens......

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Obama is like Albania: communist and muslim.

Obama wants to fundamentally transform the best country in the world.

Obama has a vision for America, but his vision may come from the choom.

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Kamerad Frum - What Difference Would It Make if, on the evening of 120911, Kamerad Larry Sinclair had been waiting in the "President's Personal Quarters" wearing only an athletic supporter?

Well, of course - None At All! Commissar Obama had a fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day. (But of course, if Kamerad Sinclair had been FIRMLY ABOARD AF1, then All Bets Are Off.)

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We stand behind our people. I haven't seen Hillary lately. Anyone?

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Raum Emmanual Goldstein
Fraulein Frankenfeinstein wrote:


INDEED! Boston was a long time ago...

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I would like to change my answer to, at this point, what difference does a few dead Mexicans make?

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Dig4Utopia wrote:
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Dammit, gotta clean the spewed coffee on the keyboard AGAIN.

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Anyer Marx wrote:I would like to change my answer to, at this point, what difference does a few dead Mexicans make?

Said most proudly by Comrade Eric "Panther" Holder! What difference at this point, does it make?!! The dead are still deceased in el mexico as they are in Benghazi! This is just a pointless point the Rethuglicans are attempted to hang dear leader and his peoples with .... because the Rethugs are all racist!!

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There is an old movie called “Hysterical” where zombies wander around muttering “What difference does it make?”

Now the zombies testify before Congress.

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The funniest part about that, Comrade Chairman, is that it was posted years before Hillary testified before Congress....maybe she's a Hudson Brothers fan.