Contributions to the Obama Presidential Library: Help Wanted

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UPDATE: Now featured in Washington Times


Meet our friend Milton Wolf - physician, author, Washington Times columnist and Daily Caller contributor. He also happens to be, of all people, Barack Obama's cousin.

Milton has always opposed the policies of his embarrassing family member and is maintaining a blog to prove it. His latest idea was to help Obama to organize his presidential legacy:

"It's not too early to begin imagining how former President Barack Obama will adorn his presidential library. He's created quite a legacy for himself! From the failed Stimulus to Solyndra, from the health care takeover to his world apology tour, this president's library promises to make even Jimmy Carter jealous."

He invited us and our comrades at I Own The World, The Looking Spoon, and other similar sites to join this campaign.


Milton Wolf's entries...

I Own The World entries...

The Looking Spoon entries...

The People's Cube entries...

Other links will be posted as they appear. Ours are below. Feel free to contribute!





















If only Comrade Joe The Biden™ hadn't opened his bourgeois mouth when he did....


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The empty frame says it all. But, a chair would work too.

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Anyer Marx wrote:The empty frame says it all. But, a chair would work too.
Thanks for reminding me! A classic portrait of an empty chair added at the bottom of the original post.

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Sorry, I know I'm supposed to be doing my taxes, not uploading photos. I just can't get over myself.


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We can't forget this wonderful wisdom:

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Anyone remember this little event?

Yet another successful triumph to add to the Obama list of triumphs.

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The Obama Presidential Library wouldn't be complete without this proud moment...


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The SOL Grotto .... We're all SOL on that one.

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Roberts gets his BARACK OFF and makes a MUTE point. Justice John is also appearing this month on Facebook at National Mute Button Day.


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Mr. Obama should be a permanent exhibit in his library. It is not every year, or decade, or century, or millennium, or epoch, or even galaxy that has someone so utterly self-entitled and without the slightest reason for it.

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This thread was way ahead of its time. The time is NOW.

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This one may be more appropriate for the Hillary! Memorial Library.

Obama Library Reset.jpg

The Blessed Obama sent me a load of Charmin.