Curiosity Rover Makes Historic Discovery

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I can't make out all of the fine print. Is anybody else with government issued enhancement technology able to make out any of the other documents?

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BTW, you know why so many Arabian tales are about discovering a treasure? Essentially it is about the loot. In North Europe such tales don't exist. They exist in Spain (hence in the Latin world). The Spanish learned it from their Muslim masters.

Reading now Demon Hunted World. You know what the dragons that appear in our phantasy? They are the collective memory of... dinosaurs. Dinosaurs arguably didn't spit fire, but they might have spit something that paralyses their food and "feels hot".

Trolls are our collective memory of... Neanderthals.

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Nothing to see here.
Minister of the Current Truth


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Dig4Utopia wrote:Nothing to see here.
Minister of the Current Truth

Somebody else made that happen. What if it failed? What when it has failed? (roughly 50% of the time.)

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Our government-issued enhancement technology was able, not only to make out all of the fine print, but also discover things not observable in the photograph.

• Vince Fosters suicide note
• A rock smarter than Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
• Missing American jobs
• A Moon landing conspiracy convention
• An annual meeting of sane coherent beardless liberal women
• A Starbucks filled with French-kissing Chick-Fil-A customers

We should also be aware that when MSNBC and the producers of Glee get hold of this news, the whole thing will be renamed into the Bi-Curiosity Rover.

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Any documentation on who hired Craig Livingstone yet? We must protect the Red Mistress from any revelations of slanderous lies. I won't be able to sleep until I know, and when I lose sleep, I can't pick as many beets.

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Love the Bi-Curiosity rover.

Have had the feeling that Bi-Den will be kicked out of the ticket after the DNC. We know how. He will voluntarily retire. Voluntary compliance is mandatory.

Spent all day today at Social Security offices, again. Impressed to have had in front of me 60 people. Took the chance to spread some vicious capitalist propaganda "this is how the government healthcare will look like. What do you think, that you push a key and the service flows out? You mean nothing to these employees here. If you don't come, they're even happier. They are having lunch and a beer in the back now that it is work time for them. They close the door earlier so that they can leave earlier, no matter who's served and who's not. How do I know? I come from the socialist paradise where the government gives everything for free and nobody is happy."

These guys homo-kissing in front of Chick-fil-A must be repressed homosexuals. How can a man kiss in the lips a man and not have some some homosexual fantasies?

I am very, very happy of the Bi-Curiosity rover, as well as for the billion that has been awarded to 3 private space companies in the USA.

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Breaking News

The mars rover, Bi-Curiosity, stopped sending images to NASA at approximately 21:25 Eastern Social Time.

Sources at NASA say that Bi-Curiosity made a rendezvous with the 2004 rover, =Opportunity. The two apparently discovered they were the same gender of rover, and are not sending any images other than closeups of their camera appendages intersecting.

In a statement from Bi-Curiosity, he/she/it is quoted as making the following demands:

"My roving life partner and I demand that the oppressive, homoroverphobic United States of AmeriKKKa immediately grant equal marital status to same-sex rovers."

=Opportunity also added, "We also demand that all Chic Fil-a franchises be burned to the ground, and that new seasons of Queer Eye return to cable television."

When asked, Presidente Obama had no comment other than, "Give me a few months to evolve on this one."

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This just in - by careful and fastidious use of The People's Magnifier, I was able to discern that one of the items discarded on Mars is, in fact, the United States Constitution!

We all know how Dear Leader has been trying so hard these last four years to get rid of that pesky old thing, and he's finally done it! Nobody'll ever find it up there, except maybe the Chinese, and they may be short of toilet paper after their long journey.

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John Frum wrote:
What if it failed?[/quote]

Comrade, easy as cake, you just have to know the right bureaucrat in the proper agency.

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