Dead-broke Hillary objects to 'Crooked Hillary' title

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Find Out What Clinton Thinks About Being Called ‘Crooked Hillary' By Trump

Our beloved Many-Titted Empress is PISSED OFF.

As her assigned gender is prone to do, Hillary stated (while pouting) that she "couldn't care less" what Donald Trump says and we all know what that means...

Her Thighness recognizes that Trump says hateful things about women, Muslim immigrants, and people with disabilities - but she ignores personal attacks against her.

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WHere do I begin? Our archives are packed with documentary footage proving how uncrooked Hillary is. Here's just one example...


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As her assigned gender is prone to do

I'm afraid this is verging on Crimethink, comrade.

Females are not more prone to do something than are men. All genders are equal. I cannot think of any example in which a Female comrade would react any other than a male comrade. The very idea is an absurdity.

Once Victory over the Orgasm ™ has been achieved by the junior anti sex league, this equality will become the only Korrekt truth.


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If you are being chaste and get caught, does that render you impure?

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CROOKED by Hillary Rodham Clinton. You are invited to a book signing.