Found: Missing inauguration crowd

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The crowd from the 2009 inauguration has been found, destroying a Washington, D.C. Starbucks in 2017.

Many progressives are gloating over the smaller crowd at the Trump inauguration, as evidence that his presidency is illegitimate. But it's not that the crowd was smaller, it's just that a large part of it was smashing windows and burning cars a few blocks away - all in the name of progressive love trumping Trump's hate.

A Fox affiliate reports:
RIOT: A mob smashed Starbucks and Bank of America windows in Washington, D.C. during an anti-Trump protest.

See the full video of the missing inauguration crowd here.

That will teach the criminal capitalists a lesson they won't soon forget! Not only will they not have coffee, but they cannot enjoy a fine Cuban cigar like Mrs. Almost Commissar's loyal husband. Suffer you capitalist pigs!

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And the ones that were not trashing stuff were:
-looking for a real job
-on their way to a Jihadi training camp
-hiding in fear of the announced "LoveTrumpsHate" violence

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... the LOVE-JUSTICE ye get when there is 'bucks' in yer name, kkkapitalistic swine!

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I guess the list of three Orwellian 1984 slogans have just grown to four with a new one:


or its variety -



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Here is a 360 crowd view from CNN. Looks a lot different than the "other" picture.


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Is it just me, or does it seem like there are people packed in all the way back to the Washington Monument in that 360-degree photo?

Surely the Mainstream Media wouldn't deliberately use a photo of the crowd hours before or after the actual inauguration to support the idea that nobody showed up for the event?

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Olga Photoshopova wrote:SEE THE GIGAPIXEL

This amazing megapixel photo has helped us to restore the historical record - namely, to establish that Ivanka Trump was indeed in Bill Clinton's line of sight to the right. It also explains Hillary's frozen smile as she threw glances at her husband, and the look of disgust on Bill's face every time he met Hillary's stare, in contrast with his dreamy look as he himself stared in Ivanka's direction.

Bill Clinton Caught Checking Out Ivanka Trump

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Wait, who would you trust - Kfality Shurnalizm™ or a Comrade with "Photoshop" already in name?

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Red Square wrote:... his dreamy look as he himself stared in Ivanka's direction.
Bill Clinton Caught Checking Out Ivanka Trump
... and, channelling my inner Comrade Mopose, there were along with Ivanka, in the close Trump family circle (and not even counting most gracious Melania) two other very impressive beauties. Subcomrade Mopose reported them (to me) already during the inauguration ceremony, in real time.
(and days later you can gigapixel what ― possibly ― was Slick Willie multi-excited about).

(what, Mopose? Most Positive Sexist.)
(who, despite programmed for brunettes (globally), never leaves out all the other shades.)

P.S. Comradette Photoshopova ‒ bal'shoye spasiba for sharing the gigapixel visual bacchanal!