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My long absence from the Peoples Blog is the result of being elevated by the Glorious Peoples Party of the USSA from Tree Surgeon to Obamacare Certified State Approved Doctor of Limb Removal and finally promoted to The Fauci WooHoo Organic PsyOps Viral Indoctrination Labs as Senior Bat Catcher and Local Undercover Restauranteur.

This great honor and the intense work involved in catching, analyzing, modifying and distributing the Peoples Anti Capitalist Virus has kept me from sharing this great and successful adventure with my Comrades. No longer! Who could have guessed how great our success would be? We exceeded all expectations and sliced off the Capitalist Trumpsters at the knees just as easily as I used to remove limbs with my trusty Saw, RUSTY, free of charge for my Obamacare patients. (I still offer anesthesia free limb removals at no charge to Party Members)

The Closure of the entire USA economy and viral infection of entrepreneurs through the induced mass hysteria implemented by the Communist News Network so unambiguously called CNN and our Useful Idiots at PMSNBC and MSLSD has astounded even we believers at the WooHoo Labs.

The frightened masses still cower in fear of the WooHoo even though it has proven to be mild at best and almost exclusively kills those who are already dying. I have returned triumphant and offer, the Indian WooHoo Variant, the African, the Great Britain Variant, and our Masterpiece, the White Supremacy Norwegian Variant.

The fear and hysteria is guaranteed to continue due to misdirection provided by Comrades OBiden & Kommiela and the Useless Idiots at the Major Media Social Justice Propaganda Outlets. The Trump Rallies will be delayed by future releases that will make large unauthorized gatherings impossible and the former Capitalist Criminal will further be silenced by inability to access Twitter, Facebook, Google or any other form of mass communication.

I have honed not only my trusty saw RUSTY but my ability to smile, look people in the eye, and lie to their face, even when I know they know I am lying, and so look forward to even higher promotion in the Glorious Eternal Party of The People.

Onward to next Tuesday, Comrades.

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Ready-4-Action Doctor: Keep rolling, I mean sawing, as the next plandemic is in―ev―i―ta―ble!

Billy Boy told us so [1], Dear Premier told us so [2], Fauci tells us so (nonstop!).
(and vee here, transatlantically, are told ze same, day in day out)

( "more equal" appears in that glorious Letter-2-Humanity five times! )

( uh, what? only five?? )

(also Kubed)

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What is so delightful is to watch the masses grovel in tearful gratitude to us as we suddenly give permission for "fully vaccinated" persons to remove masks. Equally delightful is to watch other masses tremble in terror at the permission, fearing to lose their magic face-amulets and fearing even more to find themselves in the presence of the now-unmasked unvaccinated. Tee hee. Little do they suspect that we are waiting for some to become ill -- with anything -- so that we can declare a Surge Of Variants Because Of The Unmasking And Reopening, and then we clamp down even more strongly.

This is even more fun than Pavlova's work with minks. (Although male supremacists perpetrated the canard that it was Pavlov with dogs.)

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RedDiaperette wrote:... so that we can declare a Surge Of Variants ...
mutants! mutants!! MUTANTS!!!

(he-he, zat's how vee keep ze masses down'n-scared here,
in Chermany. Vee alvays like: die Mutante! DIE MUTANTE!)

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Wow! Impressive pedigree, Dr. W!

(goes back to A.D. 1611)