Gun Control Makes Sense After All

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It's EASY to understand what Democrats are doing as long as you understand their ultimate goals, and one of their most urgent goals is an unarmed populace, the same goal that Hitler and Stalin and other dictators met to destroy political opposition and subjugate their populations. To that end, the Dems need to do two things: eliminate the 2nd Amendment and eliminate civilian police forces.

Two lines of propaganda are the backbones of the Dem effort to disarm Americans: false claims about gun violence and false claims about who the civilian gun owners are.

Gun violence is not the crisis that Dems and their breathless media allies portray it as. Outside of Democrat controlled cities, murder by firearm is not epidemic and happens far less than other forms of murder. Further, most gun violence comes from criminals with cheap revolvers, not the rifles that Dems falsely call “assault weapons” or “weapons of war.” As a matter of fact, the original AR-15 was developed as a sporting rifle years before the Pentagon modified it for use as the M-16, yet we never hear anyone say, “Why do we arm our military with sporting rifles?”

The fact that Dems keep proposing legislation to eliminate the types firearms and accessories that are the most popular among law-abiding citizens rather than focusing on the Democrat-controlled-city criminals who perpetrate the overwhelming majority of shootings and murder evinces one true goal: the complete disarmament of the best-armed civilian population on Earth who—by virtue of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—are empowered to overthrow the government if it becomes tyrannical.

Dems consider armed America the single greatest impediment to their ultimate goal of total control over government and every citizen. No surprise: foreign enemies have long recognized it as a major impediment to invasion and occupation.

Civilian gun owners who lawfully possess firearms are overwhelmingly law-abiding citizens, and White, and it's a safe bet that most of them are conservatives. Most civilian police forces are also composed of conservatives.

Seeing an opportunity in January, 2021, the Dems exploited the least deadly of many historical disturbances at the Capitol as a pretense for a new line of propaganda to propel their effort to disarm Americans: declare that conservatives are right-wing radicals, White supremacists and domestic terrorists and then make it the mission of federal law enforcement agencies to intimidate them, harass them, and–if possible—disarm, arrest and imprison them. At the same time, Dems promulgate the indisputably false narrative that the civilian police forces are inherently racist and are intentionally targeting Black people and executing them.

If the Dems succeed in their propaganda efforts, only law-abiding citizens will be disarmed (criminals always continue to arm themselves unlawfully). Civilian police forces—including the sheriffs who usually control gun licensing and concealed carry permits—will be defunded, reduced and ultimately eliminated and replaced by a new national police force (Gestapo)—just as Barack Obama proposed less than a decade ago—that answers only to a senile President and his coterie of radical statist/globalist anti-American political appointees.

Additionally, in an era of pandemic, just add “red-flag” laws to complete the recipe for disarming Americans because Dems now have increasing access to tracking data, medical records and the ability to see whether any citizen has been treated for any—even the mildest—of psychological disorders, and use such information to disarm citizens or ban them from owning firearms. The Obama administration in its last term tried to use such methods to disarm veterans and senior citizens.

This, of course, will not happen to members of the Democrat Party or its armed militias, BLM and Antifa, who are the successors to the Dem's first armed militia, the Ku Klux Klan.

See how easy it is to discern contemporary Democrat motivations and goals? Whenever you look at what the Dems do or say, and you shake your bewildered head and think, “That's absurd. That doesn't make sense. Are they crazy?” Instead, remember that they're not crazy at all: they're working toward their goals as quickly as possible and by any means necessary.


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Silly modern-day Democrats, What's the rush?

This is just like what they taught us in the парашютист (or paratrooper) school when I was in the People's Army... if there's a malfunction above you, relax! Don't panic--you have the REST OF YOUR LIFE to figure out what to do next... (and who to blame for your newfound victimhood, and how that makes you feel.)

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Most Equally Esteemed Komrad Colonel,

Are you just NOW recognizing this? If so, welcome to the Party.

I remember when I worked for the "STASI For America" (as Admiral Loy so delightfully put it) and Big Sis released her informative report on "Right Wing Terrorism Threats". The part that caught my attention was the assertion that all Veterans are a threat to the nation. The first assumption was that all veterans are white and therefore White Supremacists. Visit a VA facility and let me know how that one fits with what you observe. The second was that their military service had "radicalized" them. The recommended action was to isolate and disarm veterans. The move continues.

I ran across this informative article:

Think Tank Report Reveals Steady Uptick In Military Personnel Involved In Terrorist Attack Plot

As I said, welcome to the Party.

Pi55ed off from being pi55ed on in the Current Truth ™,

Red Salmon

PS, I know. Shovel, heavy coat, rail yard, blah blah blah......

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Comrade Salmon,

Allow me to remind you to keep that unregistered finger-gun pointed in a safe direction. Spasebo.

I just don't see the panic to get everything done at once. Our betters in the District of Columbia own the keys to the kingdom for the next 3.5 years BEFORE the next batch of dissident Rethugglikkans rears its ugly head only to be outmaneuvered and outvoted by the Party ™ . If they'd string things out over time, we could have more celebrations in the tractor barn, one for each and every (cough) accomplishment! 15 at a whack, one celebratory party. String those 15 out over time and we can all take time off in detox/rehab paid for by Obamacare!

I'm just speaking truth to power: Pace yourselves. Don't peak out too early.

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Colonel Obyezyana wrote:... [Dems & their behind-the-stage orbit are] not crazy at all: they're working toward their goals as quickly as possible and by any means necessary.
That seems fully true, and not just in Amerikkka. Same frenzied "now or never" polit-&-culturmarx rush here, in Yuropistan. Also polit-intent brazenness "by any means" style. Those "things" are in the air, and that air (as so often) wafts to here across the Big Pond.

It's not the first "now or never" push - the most recent (also "wafting across") ratcheted up in HopeyChangey years. Post-Messiah, Amerikkka's hard left whipped itself immediately (& calculatedly) to the boiling point. (mad-gone "identity", cementing of divides [current pinnacle = "victimology/suprematology"], directed language manipulation, semi-centralized speech censorship, obliteration by "cancelling", organized goon troops, ...)

+ "Magic election" (WH & Congress)
+ Pandemia-as-Lever
+ solidified "cultural" primacy
+ (in part) deeply indoctrinated "masses"
= What More Could Revoolooshun Want?
= (uh, korrekt: disarming the non-indoctrinated "masses"!)

Image @ Komrade Red Salmon

Disappointing, that The Science™ didn't yet show the extraordinarily high rate at which military personnel, and among them veterans first, spread the submicroscopic lung-crazed horror.

Either they don't report it (and that with sufficient emphasis on the grave catastrophicity of the nano-sized terror!), or you, Komrade Salmon (for reasons which you, Salmon, know best), cut those inconvenient truths out of your transmission. Or both.

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Red Salmon wrote:Most Equally Esteemed Komrad Colonel, Are you just NOW recognizing this? If so, welcome to the Party.

Nyet, Comrade, I simply shared some points that many are dancing closer to but not quite arriving at.

If you agree with my skreed, just say so. Add supporting documentation if you wish to. No one, however, gets any information of value by reading of how you knew it before I did or your implication that I'm only just now catching up with The Current Truth™. As an aging veteran, I'm fairly certain that I was at the Party and wearing a skull bucket long before you were pi55ing in your red diaperettes.

Still, I appreciate your input and will not stoop to denigrating your character so long as you do not stoop to denigrating mine.

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My sincerest apologies to all those whom I've offended. Yes, I sometimes (OK, most of the time) do a great impression of a pompous a55. My reaction to the main post was one of incredulous surprise. The good Colonel's posts are always on target. I was taken aback.

I normally see where things are going long before the folks I normally have to deal with get a clue. An example would be the Because My Father Voted For Them Democrats who express dismay at the rise in the price of fuel. They are always shocked when I inform them that they voted for it. The promise to significantly raise gasoline prices was proudly displayed on the Harris/Biden campaign web site. In fact, the BMFVFT Democrats should be angry because the Harris/Biden Administration has not been as timely as promised in the rise in prices.

Back to the apology. I should have remembered where I was. Bad day, bad call, should have avoided the keyboard. The People's Cube is THE place I can go for my sanity check.

OK, I'm done.


Appropriately chastised in The Current Truth ™,

Red Salmon

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Red Salmon wrote:My sincerest apologies

I have the utmost respect for anyone who utters a sincere apology. We all have bad days, consider this a good day because you have won my respect and that of others.

You are truly a comrade!

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Most Esteemed Colonel Obyezyana,


Thank you for accepting my apology. The People's Cube should be the first news source for all who love freedom. My service in The People's Air Force gave me the opportunity to observe conditions all around the globe. (Or flat plate depending on one's views) I noticed that the places that are held up as a worker's paradise were not the places people were especially happy. Everyone seemed equally miserable. Other places, most notably Rwanda in the mid-1990s and Kampuchea/Cambodia in the mid to late 1980s, were Hells on Earth. The Balkans confirmed my understanding of the extreme duplicity and outright lying of the News Media. I was in Berlin for the fall of The Wall. The folks rushing from East to West were quite happy.

To sum up, I don't want what I saw everywhere else in the world for the USA. It is NOT progress. My enthusiasm for freedom, liberty, and the individual gets the better of me. Of course wannabe tyrants want to disarm us. Perhaps instinctively they know that hunting is not so much fun when the rabbit's got the gun.

I'm still not happy I offended.


Forward to GWONT!

Red Salmon

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Most Equally Esteemed Komrade Red Salmon,

your primordial PROG WAY OFF transmission is refreshful. Were it a time-of-day, it would be a sunny crack of dawn.

GD [color=#999999]([url=][color=#999999]here[/color][/url])[/color] wrote:... not just in Amerikkka. Same frenzied "now or never" polit-&-culturmarx rush here, in Yuropistan. ...
The Left-inherent (basic) troika: haughtiness + wisenheimer attitude + craving for power. Complete with (strategic) extreme ruthlessness in pursuit of their "vision(s)".

But aside that, there is now - the recent 5 years and NOW - a palpable panic (across the Left spectrum, westwide). In Amiland, the rise of Orange Man (and, obviously, a sea of "deplorable clingers" behind it) was a writing on Left's wall (it said "The perceived hegemony of Left (& RINO) is partly an illusion", or so). That "writing" sparked a Left panic - indeed, westwide. And exactly that panic drives Left's, likewise (westwide) palpable, current "now or never" frenzy.

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Just reading this thread has 'pelipsky's eyes swimming in Current Truth.

The comradeship.

'pelipsky's Dad always talked about Happy Valley. Always it was good - loaves and fishes. Always it was protected and secure. Until 1991 and 'pelipsky's little rice bowl got crushed for no sane reason. My father, who never said much, but what he said was important, pointed his finger towards me and said, "YOU! didn't do anything wrong." That is the only fact to cling to as my little Happy Valley teaching career came to a sudden halt and caught fire.

My father served in Korea, where Happy Valley turned into a blood bath. My father died while actually conducting a neighborhood grassroots meeting to rally with The Contract With America. I was crying at how proud I was of him because I knew he was doing it for his little bunny the last time we spoke. It get's 'pelipsky's eyes swimming in Current Truth just rememoralizing our last private conversation.


'pelipsky's just his Happy Valley, America ravaged bunny.

Also, just to ease ya'll's collective misunderstandings of Red Salmon's shatter shootin' of hunted bunnies in possession of firearms. 'pelipsky, being a mythical horned rodent doesn't possess any firearms, however, Mr. Jackalopelipsky has an extensive collection just like G. Gordon Liddykov

Plus, THE obviously reason for the Big RUSH is to get control of Hillary's Reset Button that she gifted to Russians in in order to delete it.

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Comrades, it would appear that we are going to have to defeat the Germans. Again.

Since the Reichstag Fire Capitol Riot, Speaker of Parliament the House Herr Frau Nancy Pelosi has been deeply concerned about the communist patriot domestic terrorist uprising currently taking place in the USSA.

Her "For the Protection of the People and State Act" MUST NOT BE ALLOWED to pass!

History repeats itself.

Pass the beet vodka. Pass the beet vodka.

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Komrade Colonel, if you see this guy kontrolchik:

... anywhere near your vicinity, be cautious, be very cautious!

Politruk Klaus-Ernst Stavro Vissarionovich Schwabfeldov, one of the few prime movers of Le Projet Bruxellois de Newspeak 14.2B.

Schwabfeldov (who also goes under the alias Schwab) made it very clear, when he announced to the planetary masses: [sooon] You'll own nothing - and you'll be happy about it.

So, he will clearly be after - not least! - your guns...

Komrade Obyezyana, give'm a carpet bombing with banana peels!
In extremis, fling poop!!

( ... it's not conspiracy theorizin', when "they" openly talk "their" intents ... )

        Mystery item No. 1

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Genosse Dummkopf wrote:Komrade Colonel, if you see this guy kontrolchik:

... anywhere near your vicinity, be cautious, be very cautious!

Here's the latest:

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Foreign media sources reported that the Taliban immediately began confiscating civilian firearms after taking control of Kabul.

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Komissar al-Blogunov wrote:
Foreign media sources reported that the Taliban immediately began confiscating civilian firearms after taking control of Kabul.
That's because the Media has shown again and again how much it knows about firearms and the Media fully supports the Taliban's efforts because the Media knows that civilian firearms are too dangerous to be left in the hands of civilians.

Just imagine how much such a wise and omniscient Media knows about vaccines and fraudulent elections and CRT and masking children and illegal immigration and Chinese influence on U.S. politicians and academia and.... get the picture.