Hillary Clinton 2012! Let The Revolution Begin...

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Ура, товарищи! Hillary Clinton 2012!

Comrades, it's with great pride that I have been one of the first to risk my very life by suggesting that Obama has been a great disappointment to the Party.

Many of us felt great remorse when our beloved MTE, Hillary Clinton was by-passed in favor of this unknown, inexperienced community organizer. Many of Hillary's supporters have gone so far as to suggest that the 2008 Democrat Primary process was rigged to exclude delegates who were loyal to our MTE. In effect they say the Primary election was stolen by Chicago thugs.

Comrades we have a chance to rectify this grave error that was forced upon us. The revolution has begun for Hillary 2012. Here's the opening shot... ... r_embedded

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Indeed better the evil candidate that we know over the One we still don't know.

I'm with you all the way Whoopie!!!! should The Party ™deem this to be the thing to do.

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I am a true progressive revolutionary. I am 100% loyal to whomever I am talking to at any given time.

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Hurray! The MTE in 2012! "..a chicken in every pot and a TEAT in every mouth!"

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WHAT?!?!?!? A CHALLENGE from WITHIN?!!?!?!?!? It's like the rebellion against our great leader Khruschev in the 1960s!!!!!!!! Could it happen with the Great O, our Valiant Leader, who is fighting the Valiant Fight against the Kapitalists on the right, who defame him at every turn?!? MAY IT NOT BE!!!!!!!!!
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It's like trading Hitler for Himmler in my own opinion....

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Comrade Whoopie wrote:Comrades, it's with great pride that I have been one of the first to risk my very life by suggesting that Obama has been a great disappointment to the Party.

It is not his fault ®, he has not been feeling well, and may need weeks of therapy golf.

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Some comments from the CNN blogsite about this video...

Monte Brown September 2nd, 2010 5:40 pm ET
If Hillary Clinton is not the Democratic Nominee in 2012 I am voting for a Republican even if the Republican Nominee is Satan.

Gary September 2nd, 2010 5:41 pm ET
This country is not heading in the right direction and Hiliary Clinton would do a better job and frankly if the Democratic Party runs with Barrak Obama for re-election, I will vote Republican. The economy, the deficit, the Middle east are all a mess....

All the news that is fit to omit September 2nd, 2010 5:06 pm ET
She WAS far superior to Oweblamo in every single way, but you progressive geniuses needed to be cutting edge so an unqualified, clueless and classless fraud got the nomination over Hillary.

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What is this Monte Brown traitor talking about? Every Rethuglican nominee IS satan!!!!

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This is not good for The Party™, not good at all, we have millions of dollars in Obama 2012 paraphernalia already printed up?!?! We need at least 2 generations with Dear Leader in order to reach The Glorious World of Next Tuesday.

I know he sucks the slime off the MTE's toes, but he's our slime sucker, dammit!

Hail Obama!

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The love I have for our MTE is exactly 6 ft. deep, having provided her the shovel in the famous "Are YOU shovel ready?" speech in the motherland.


But, we have so much invested in Dear Leader that:

игнорируйте реакционный заканчивающийся kapitalist, они украли это видео и пробуют использовать это, чтобы дискредитировать дорогого лидера.

Your fellow traveler:
Shovel 4 U
ShovelMaker of the Stars. ™

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Speaking of the money invested in Obama. His failure to pass a carbon tax has devastated the share value of the CCX (Chicago Carbon Exchange). The share price has crashed form $7.50 to just 5 cents!!!

Al Gore, not to mention most of Obama's cronies friends and associates had millions of dollars invested in that carbon trading scam scheme. Guys like Van Jones, George Soros, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarred, Anita Dunn and many of the Hollywood elite created sham accounts with Shore Bank in Chicago to buy into the racket. Maxine Waters will probably lose her job for her efforts to steer bank bailout funds to prop up the crumbling facade.

How many of Obama's golfing buddies did he talk into making a 6 figure investment? Al Gore stood to rake in 15 billion had Cap-n-Trade passed. But Obama never invested any of his money. Oh no, he's no fool. He knew he was going to stab his buddies in the back.

Instead what did we get? An unpopular health care law that won't pay a penny in dividends to the Party elite. What the hell?

Obama got his legacy but what about all the hoodlums mafiosi investors who bankrolled him? Where's their payoff?

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I am a bit concerned that our MTE may have overspent on the most gloriously equal wedding this summer. Like Rush was even in the running spit, spit.
And EJ had to be disciplined for that too. harumph... but I digress.


if she cannot afford good shoes or even nylons... what are we to do?

It is necessary that all of us work harder... more beets harvested means more money for our MTE!!!

Workers of the world unite and shovel for Hillary!!!

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I'd like to see Michelle try and jam her size nine's into such petite shoes. I bet Michelle has to buy her outfits and shoes at the cross-dresser's shop.

More likely she has to get shoed by a blacksmith.

Raum Emmanual Goldstein
Comrade Whoopie wrote:Comrades, it's with great pride that I have been one of the first to risk my very life by suggesting that Obama has been a great disappointment to the Party.
Comrade Whoopie.... Thank you for volunteering to participate in the Complete Circles of Life™ Bio-Chip Medical trials. I was beginning to think we would not find enough volunteers. We are in great need as there are still few side effects to iron out. I am sure that your valued service to the Collective in this valuable program will blot out the present stain on your otherwise flawless dossier. As an added bonus...I suspect you will soon join the local Necro-Proxi rolls just in time to assure the Dear Leader's (pbuh) contuned leadership.

Raum Emmanual Goldstein
I will add.... It is not that the Dear Leader has been a disappointment...Apparently you skipped my last klass lecture on Party Physics: He has not failed at anything he has ever done; nor will he ever!. It is a new Law of Physics!

EVERYTHING that might appear as an "Obama Failure" is an optical Ilyushin caused by a black hole in history called George Bush 2.

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I have a man-crush for this William DeJean. It feels like spiders crawling up my leg....Oh! I just love it. Much better than "tingly".
I can have a man-crush can't I? I feel so!