Hillary Clinton Opens Campaign on Cover of Elle Magazine

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Hillary Clinton opens her 2016 Campaign for President on the cover of "Elle Magazine" as a "Middle-America Woman" wearing a Gucci dress, Mateo New York bracelet, Cartier Bracelet, Garland Collection Ring, Halleh ring, and those famous post-Benghazi-headbump "what difference does it make" glasses.

Even though it's the May, 2015 issue, Elle Magazine understandably elected to make the cover-story public on April 10, 2015, to afford ample time for Millennials, who are thirsty for more information about Hillary, to read this substantive interview just before Hillary's April 12, 2015 formal announcement of her 2016 Campaign for President.

In the cover article, she condemns the "Lass Ceilings." That comment prompted Bubba (who sat-in on the interview) to interject, "What about Lass-Feelings?"

Hillary stressed, "As a Middle-American Womyn, I"m poorer than I look." Hillary also laments about suffering "The Perfection Curse," and how she learned to silence her critics. But, she added, "The bottom line is that I've always realized it's other people's problem to get over their biases about me."

There are rumors about what will be the most-popular "summer reading" among Millennials-- a new reprinting of the 2001 Edition of the Clinton Liebrary Book.

Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina's nascent campaign for 2016 is responding to Hillary's campaign kick-off with a song to Hillary titled, "You're So Vain, I Betcha Think This Song is About You."

But perhaps most important is Hillary's insistence on keeping herself widely available for no-holes-barred interviews by the media. As an example, she cites her consent to a free-ranging interview in which she boldly and succinctly explains her reasons for running in the video interview that has now gone viral titled, "Hillary's 3 Reasons for Running."

In the same interview, when the Elle Magazine editor asked Bill Clinton about what he thinks about what Hillary calls the "War on Women," Bill interjected, "That depends on what the meaning of 'on' is."