Judith-Come-Lately -- Too Late for Scooter Libby

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Lately, to promote her new book, The Story, the former New York Times reporter, Judith Miller, now (in 2015) comes lately to admit that Patrick Fitzgerald manipulated her as a witness in his Special Persecutor role seeking to destroy Scooter Libby (and Dick Cheney and Karl Rove).

Professor Peabody and his WayBack Machine welcome Judith Miller to her belated embrace of the Actual Truth to eclipse what Fitzgerald, Wilson, Plame, TurnCoat Richard Armitage, and all others afflicted with the Bush Derangement Syndrome, the Cheney Derangement Syndrome and the Libby Derangement Syndrome then-promoted as the then-Current-Truth.

Watch the video linked below (in wmv format only because the YouTube version disappeared when YouTube cancelled the account including it):


Wilson & Plame, CIA-APM.

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