Lead Discovered In Recently Bought Fish Product

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Warning Advisory:

Recent purchase by The People's Navy of the below fish product to replenish galley stores was found to include the warning label "may contain traces of lead". This of course must have something to do with Bush and Cheney and their nefarious evil plots.

Osama fish 1.jpg

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Lead. . . umm, wouldn't this not be good for sinking the deceased to the bottom of the ocean? Is it possible our dear Comarde OsamaObama bin Laden ate this fishy product and sank on his own recourse rather than give up to evil Americans?

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It is possible that lead was used to weigh him down, not sure what affect thawing has on the whole process.

Major Mistake research on thawing bodies at dept is totally lacking.

While Osama is chewing lead in the ocean blue, the Republicans search for the perfect candidate [not to worry, Comrades in media will always expose imperfection far in advance of announcing for candidacy for President: Palin writes on hand, Trump's service deferments],and the Democrats do not discuss Obama's handicap of the CPUSA's endorsement of his progressive policies.

Passive-agressive Obama seemed genuinely angry and unforgiving at having to disclose his not-so-All-American birth certificate. Not to worry though. Comrades in the media will make sure to pitch Clintons birther lie as a Republican construct.

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You need to move the bullet hole over the left eye...according to the latest from the DoD and State. I guess we'll see Thursday at the Triumphant Obama Ground Zero Hero Palooza. If Comrade Zero at Ground Zero has any brains or class he'll keep it subdued and invite Bush.

If this is all to be believed.

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...oh and Maksim...I'm getting personal laughs from "Shark Bait Laden" if you want to give it a go.

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Is Bin Laden becoming the new Che? Che Gourmet will not be pleased.