Low Information Voter Thoughts

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  • How do I sign a check on the front?
  • Why stop at Gun Free Zones? We should also create Crime Free Zones!
  • I voted for Change, so how come things are still the same?
  • The National Socialist Party had nothing to do with Socialism, right?
  • We have weekends off, thanks to unions. If enough people join unions,
  • we can get the other five days off.
  • My body is my business, but so is what other people earn.
  • I don't care what the Bill Of Rights is, as long as someone's footing the bill.
  • Why read the Constitution when you can watch the Daily Show?
  • Voting "D" = free stuff. Voting "R"= bummer, I'll have to work.
  • I read in Cosmo that Republicans want to ban sex. It's totally true.
  • We keep voting democrat, but we're STILL poor.
  • The First Lady is like Kim Kardashian, except with other people's money.
  • Someday I'll live in my OWN basement.

The list is based on Tweets made by our Comrade General Secretary in a hashtag game #LowInformationVoterThoughts

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This is exactly why I visit the cube- they have my favorite flavor of cool-aid!

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Image "I am not afraid of an army of lions lead by sheep. I am afraid of an army of sheep lead by lions."
-Alexander the Great

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IOTW posted a link to this thread under the title..
Deep Thoughts From the Shallow End of the Gene Pool

Some of their comments:

A mind is like a parachute. We'll be glad to pack it for you.

Everything I learned in college is on the back of this car.

We will be safer once we disarm.

Means-testing sucks.

Well-behaved women seldom wear vagina costumes.

If you want peace, blame Bush.

Keep the government out of my vagina, except when I needs it to kill my fetus

If we can just get the the top 1% to pay a 10% more, we'll rapidly pay off a debt larger than our yearly GNP

You can't hurt an Arab who has already killed 3000 Americans in order to save more Americans, but it's OK to blow up an entire Arab clan on the suspicion that one of them might become a terrorist in the future

We must reserve all our hatred for The Tea Party, because after all, they did absolutely nothing to cause our current economic mess

Wall Street which is located in Manhattan and is peopled by Ivy League graduates is a bastion of conservatism. Ergo, Democrats had nothing to do with the financial collapse of 2008

Islam, the only religion to give people who die in war (and only those people) a direct path to heaven, is clearly the most peaceful religion on the planet -- because to say otherwise is hateful.

If tax cuts that were passed by Republicans and were fought tooth and nail by Democrats had expired, it would have been 100% the fault of Republicans

The most pressing problem facing our nation today is that a Republican from Missouri doesn't think rape can cause pregnancies

This nation was founded on the principle that all men, regardless of race, color or creed, are equally bound to pay for my abortion pill

"Low Information VOTER (thoughts?)
So much about the bottom of the gene pool. Reactions to be sure, but no Thinking going on there.
At the top end there is some consolation in the knowledge that Al Jazeera got a shitty deal. CAIR bought AlGore and what did they get for their money? AlGoreJizra?

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reminds me of some lyrics I wrote:

You choke on your lies
In your halo of flies
And you drown in your own gene pool...

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Why just yesterday the glorious party news service reminded me that all shit is Bush's fault.
I knew that already but it's just nice to hear it again.

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