Mass looting and rioting in Minnesota after Shooting

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MINNEAPOLIS GONE WILD — Looting of Target, Nordstrom, Foot Locker after ‘false rumor' of police shooting…

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News reports state that this is a Likely Public Suicide, followed by chaos and shots fired in the streets.

Naturally, a mob took over the streets again...

Police said the man committed suicide but onlookers screamed at the police, “You killed him!”

BREAKING: Man shot near police — police say it was a suicide [self-inflicted] while witness say the officers shot the man; people are now rioting.

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From CBS News: Unrest hits Minneapolis after mistaken reports of police shooting Black man who actually shot himself

Never let a possible riot go to waste!

Minneapolis police chief holds press conference: " The Perp killed himself, you flipping idiots!"

And the Boy Wonder, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey held a press conference to announce use-of-force changes for the police department after this suicide and the riots that followed.