Meghan Markle's Destiny: Fight “Systemic Racism” in USA

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Meghan Markle is now saying that her “Destiny” all along has been to fight “Systemic Racism” in the United States!


Because nothing screams "oppression" like a filthy-rich, royally spoiled-rotten, D-list actress Meghan Markle has reportedly been telling those close to her that her instinct to leave the United Kingdom makes sense to her now because she was “destined” to fight systemic racism in the United States.

A source close to Meghan told Daily Mail that she believes her “gnawing urgency to uproot from England” was actually fate, as she was meant to be in America so she could be at the “forefront” of this movement.

“Meghan said her work as a leader is more important than ever right now and that she's been speaking with Oprah and other community leaders on how she can be part of the solution,” the insider said. “Meghan feels like her mission goes far beyond acting. She said she wants to use her voice for change and hasn't ruled out a career in politics.”

This is wonderful news, and Ms. Markle at 38-years old meets the age requirement to be President of the United States!

Meghan Markle has pleased so many in the United Kingdom, will she now do the same for people in the United States of America?

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Poor Meghan. She doesn't know that the US Constitution disallows her to have a title of nobility.

The Founders had fought the English nobility because all men are created equal, and so they made a requirement that no US citizen can have a noble title, and all applicants for US citizenship must officially renounce their titles if they had them.

Meghan Markle should put it down as another marker of systemic oppression of which she is a victim.

If her only qualification to fight inequality in America is her being a princess, and the American systemic egalitarianism takes that title away from her, then she can't fight inequality in America because in this country she is equal to everybody else.

Sounds like Catch 22.

Poor, poor Meghan. She just can't get a break.

From USCIS Policy Manual:

C. Renunciation of Title or Order of Nobility

Any applicant who has any titles of heredity or positions of nobility in any foreign state must renounce the title or the position. The applicant must expressly renounce the title in a public ceremony and USCIS must record the renunciation as part of the proceedings. [5] Failure to renounce the title of position shows a lack of attachment to the Constitution.

In order to renounce a title or position, the applicant must add one of the following phrases to the Oath of Allegiance:

  • I further renounce the title of (give title or titles) which I have heretofore held; or
  • I further renounce the order of nobility (give the order of nobility) to which I have heretofore belonged.

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AND WE ALSO ESPECIALLY SUPPORT ANY LESBIAN NUBIAN PRINCESS READY TO LEAD! For you are the rarest vegetable... Or is that Orphan Annie.

Comrades, I am so confused these dayz. Perhaps because, WE are dizzy with success!!!!

Long live Next Tuesday!

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Law or no law, she will always be the Duchess of Suckit to me.

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Failure to renounce the title of position shows a lack of attachment to the Constitution.

Hell, that is nearly all of DC and Hollywood.

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We're still cool with modern titles like Commisarka, and you know, "People's Director", right?

Just asking, for a friend...

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This is all sounding very Russian to 'pelipsky.

Meghan returns to America as Czarist Princess with run-away foreign Prince. As fate would have it, unless she's stashed some Faberge Eggs, the Constitution limits Czarist Princess Meghan of her fated, destined, ability to be appointed as Amerikkka's Czarina of Systemic Racism.

Will President Biden's first Official Appointment be to appoint Meghan as Official Czarina in opposition to The Constitution?

Can Meghan exist by ability alone?
How quickly will the proceeds of a Christie's auctioned Faberge Egg dwindle in Meghan's financial quest for an eternal tax haven:code appointment to officially end systemic racism?This is the life or death dilemma on the Life On The World Stage, comrades.

"Czarina Without A Country" - a new docuseries of the carnival touring life fated by destiny of the wife of a former somebody.
Is the Czarina's fated destiny in the Hollywood sun, rising, or setting?

Rest easy, Ivan The Stakhonovets, there's plenty of Russian honorifics to go around, equally.
Russian Asset over an' out

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There once was Prince Charming whose kiss awakened a sleeping girl. And here we have Prince Unpleasant whose wokeness would put a girl to sleep.

Fast forward to 1:03 where he talks about institutional racism and the need to acknowledge your biases.

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What hooligan did this? I hope he didn't mean Princess Meghan.