MULTICULTURAL: Newspeak word of the week

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Glorious comrades from across the Ocean,

A recent article in Frontpagemag explained how Orwellian Newspeak™ has become the official language of the USA. For us in the European Reich, Newspeak has been the official language for many years, and in this spirit I would like to share some advice and tips on how to use this language to my Korrekt Amerikan Komrades.

The newspeak word of the week is:

Multicultural in Oldspeak™ (also known as "English") was derived from latin "multi" (many) and "cultura" (roughly translatable as "culture"). The Oldspeak™ definition was:

"Multiculturalism describes the existence, acceptance, or promotion of multiple cultural traditions within a single jurisdiction, usually considered in terms of the culture associated with an ethnic group."

The 70's
When our Leftist Korrekt Komrades decided to extinguish the outdated and despicable Western European Culture (and the Jews of course) back in the seventies, they sold their glorious ideas by predicting a world in which europeans, arabs, unicorns and galgameks would live together in peace and harmony: they called this "MULTICULTURAL".

The problem for our Komrades was that more and more city centers in Europe started looking like Arab Ghettos where the rule of law was all but extinguished and local islamic terror squads held sway.

The reason these problems exist are of course:

  • the jews
  • decadent capitalist westerners
  • the outdated and soon to be replaced European culture
  • absolutely not the immigrants, nope, not by a long shot

Need for new definition
The apparatchiks like myself are of course able to use Doublethink™ to ignore these problems (more on this in other educational posts), but to keep the unwashed prole masses calm another solution was necessary. In cooperation with the state - friendly media apparatus the European Kommissariat and high Praesidum simply deleted the old meaning of the word "MULTICULTURAL" and changed it by a new, Newspeak™ word. The words related to this change were also changed.

The new words in the 2016 European Commission Newspeak Dictionary are:

a 100% sunni Arab neighbourhood


"I see only veiled women here. How multicultural!"
"If I do something that's against the local culture, they'll cut off my head. How multicultural!"
"In this town you can only eat Arab food, speak arabic and dress like an Arab. Absolutely no trace of the culture that existed here 30 years ago is left. How multicultural!".

(synonym: "racist society"): a neighbourhood where not all the despicable original Europeans have been replaced by the Korrekt Kompatriots

Of course the words can be changed to:

a 100% sunni arab neighbourhood with some decapitated infidels and dead Jews

a neigbourhood without any Korrekt Citizens, only despicable Europeans.

I hope this can help my comrades to survive in the Glorious World of Next Tuesday with your queen Hillary as Dear Leader.

Your Comrade in Thought Control,
Heil Merkel!

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And "diversity". Don't forget about "diversity". I think Red Square's photo is an amazingly accurate portrayal of the current "diversity" trend.

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Indeed! Diversity is on the march everywhere! Let us rejoice comrades!

And thank you comrade square for your cultural reference!

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Minitrue, I'm not sure why I didn't see that you too, had posted a photo of obviously different burka-clad women(?). Than can only mean one thing. My vodka ration must be doubled so that I can go back to seeing double.
By the way, anyone claiming that all burka-clad women(?) look alike is an Islamophobe.