Olga Does Guns Across America Rally in Atlanta, Jan.19, 2013

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Today I, Comrade Olga Photoshopova, attended a Guns Across America rally in Atlanta and took some pictures. Let me begin my report with the signs I carried to protest the gun rights activists.

They all laughed at this sign. Not sure why. It just looks like a bunch of scary guns to me.


Criminals should be the only people with guns. Our fellow low-information Obama voters agree. Thanks to Chedoh for the idea.


Gun-Free Country. All that is needed for a criminal to put down his or her gun, is to ask him or her nicely. Granted, the percentage of compliance is low and you might get killed, but it's worth a try. Thanks to Comrades Colonel and Red Square for the idea.


Hundreds of right-wingers showed up. I was afraid they would start shooting at me with their big, scary, racist guns.


This truck was parked nearby. The owner should be reported immediately to Kommissar for defiance.


Frightening. Some people openly carried large, black, metal guns that clearly aren't meant for hunting. I thought for sure the rally would turn into a wild-west shootout, but it didn't. Must have been a one-time act of restraint.


"Victims who shoot back live longer." THat's nice, but what about the life of the criminal? Doesn't he deserve to live too - AND take your stuff?


How dare this person mock Dear Leader?


Lots of people. This is what happens when a rally is held on a Saturday, when middle-class right-wingers typically have a day off from their middle-class right-wing jobs.


However, for our fellow Union members, every day is a day off. They may or may not hate guns (unclear), but they definitely had a lot to complain about. This particular Union worker complained that he was called a Communist by the right-winger. I thought he should have taken it as a compliment.


Why doesn't this person enjoy Obama's Kool-aid? Obama makes a delicious beverage. ::confused::

Can someone explain to me what exactly are "bear arms"?

I must report this thoughtcriminal to and you should too.


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Can someone explain to me what exactly are "bear arms"?

That's when I give you a great big HUG.

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Good to see strong communism being represented!

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Comrade Olga, a splendid report of an unusually disgusting >spit< reich wing teabagger event! While I must admit that it disturbed me greatly - to the point of giving me an upset stomach seeing the photos (not to worry, beet vodka will cure that shortly) - still, it's good to keep an eye on these "people", these bitter clingers.

An excellent job! I raise my plastic cup of beet vodka to you in a salute to your bravery!!

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Comrade Olga, a MOST equal photo story of your brave expedition into the dark underworld of those who wrongly declare themselves right when they are just wrong. I am a bit surprised given the venue that the racist stars and bars flag was not floating from every window, with effigies of hyphenated-americans hanging from every tree. No doubt the people depicted simply left these icons of the wrongly-called right in their hotel rooms (next to the canning jars of moonshine) so as to try and fool the media. At least there was 1% there to represent the 99%!

But why were no combat casualty images photoshopped in, the way the Official Government Media would have?
Just because no one was killed is no reason not to report many deaths!

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Comrades, it disturbs me to report that, while the distinct minority and yet quite nauseatingly vocal teabaggers and bitter clingers continue with these and other outrages here in the USSA, the peaceful nation of Afghanistan has successfully banned the possession of firearms.

With an example such as this, surely President Biden will now be able to ram through with executive orders oversee both houses of Congress legislating a flawless and total gun ban law!

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Curing weak liberalism with strong communism. #represent

Next time I will photoshop in some casualty images, as Comrade Bill suggests. If there is a way to up the death count from 0 to several, at a right-wing gun rally, it will definitely help our cause.

Most excellent shout outs for the bear hug.