Our Graphic Raises Funds For Margaret Thatcher Statue in UK

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Among the many parodies of Obama's "Hope" poster we made during the 2008 elections was Margaret Thatcher's image captioned as "Iron." It has been since a popular selling item at our online store.

But last month we were also contacted by the treasurer at the Grantham Museum in England, who asked for permission to use this image in their campaign for a Margaret Thatcher statue in Grantham, Lincolnshire, where the future Prime Minister was born and raised.

Grantham already has a statue of its native son, Sir Isaac Newton; it is only fair that it also has a statue of its native daughter, whose contribution to politics might be as important as Newton's contribution to physics.

We also created a web banner, which is now displayed at the project's website and serves as an avatar on its Facebook page, as well as a permanent logo throughout the campaign video.

We were promised photos of merchandise with our image in the museum shop and/or campaign events, as well as samples of actual items - mugs, T-shirts, etc. Stay tuned for updates!


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Good on you, Red! Thanks for sharing some good news.

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Salute, Comrade Red Square, for your most equal artwork!

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R.O.C.K. in the USSA wrote: But - do they take ObamaCard™?


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ROCK - I think maybe that picture was not a good idea.

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When I was a college kid in Ukraine studying English, I occasionally tuned in to BBC and Voice America on my short wave radio, to get some alternative take on world events and, if I'm lucky, get some updates on latest news in rock music.

One time, during the elections in the UK, I heard a campaign speech by Margaret Thatcher. She was always portrayed in the official Soviet media as a cold, heartless troublemaker. She busted the unions, she privatized the economy, and wouldn't hear of a compromise in the Cold War.

The speech I heard confirmed all the facts and more. In a deep, powerful voice, she accused socialists of destroying the British economy through nationalization, and also demonstrated how the free markets were bringing the economy back to life, making Britain strong again. I suddenly realized that she was absolutely right. I became Thatcher's fan in the blink of an eye.

I remember later telling my friends about that speech and how impressed I was. Come to think of it, she may have been one of the earliest guideposts in my own intellectual journey.

Next thing I began to suspect that all the things the Soviet media was saying about Ronald Reagan might also be true - and that actually made him right! Conversely, those whom the Soviet media praised, were the real bad news.

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R.O.C.K. in the USSA wrote: But - do they take ObamaCard™?
If they don't already, they will after we tell them that we know where their daughters play soccer.

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Well done, Red Square. I might give you Beet of the Week but--well, you know. Sequester!

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I know I speak for all of the Peoples when I say how proud we are that Barack Hussein Obama (umm, umm, ummm) is donating his PERSONAL money for project honoring dear Mrs. Thatcher.

oh, oops, well, my mistake.......... carry on

Commissarka Pinkie wrote:Well done, Red Square. I might give you Beet of the Week but--well, you know. Sequester!
HAHA the beets are sequestered. I was wondering where they went. Good one! And as far as the poster, life just keeps imitating the cube!

This IS a Lady we are talking about. She has been Ennobled by the Crown. And while She is not Marlborough or Wellington, she is the embodiment of accomplishment, success, and triumph, all of which are allergens to the Proletariat. She even told George Bush to get a pair and quit being a wuss back in A.D. 1990. These great Men who went before have been enshrined in bronze as is more than fitting, but they are also outdoors which makes their images pigeon targets. I suppose she can stand it too so long as hers is placed next to Queen Ann in front of St. Pauls instead of next to Chrchill's on the Mall in St. James Park. Queen Ann had the tax on Geneva Wine repealed. We call it Gin.
Cheers all

Bring back the good old days. With John (Backstabber) Major sitting there in the eft side of this pic, she should have given him the back of her hand.

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I just did a radio interview on the Andrea Shea King Show about this image.

Here's the cropped MP3 of the show with only my interview.

Image Discussing Thatcher and her role in the Cold War kept my mind going long after the interview was over - and I came up with this, for what it's worth:

The cause of the Cold War is the Marxist doctrine that socialism must triumph worldwide for communism to happen. That's why the KGB agents were all over the world starting fires and Western nations led by the USA were trying to put those fires out. However, the Left in the West was presenting this as US imperialism and aggression, while not mentioning the Soviet meddling in world affairs. That was the main point of the Soviet propaganda directed at the West, and it worked. Even John Kerry repeated the KGB fabrications at the Senate hearings in 1973 (?) and it went down as the final truth.

Today the Democrats are practicing the same methods as Soviet Communists during the Cold War, and the Republicans and conservatives are taking the role of the anti-Soviet bloc, putting out the fires and taking all the blame. It's exactly the same game. And John Kerry is now the US Secretary of State.

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You're quite right. We're always on the defensive. Their political philosophy sucks, but their strategy is brilliant.

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R.I.P. Iron Lady.

American Thinker pays tribute to Margaret Thatcher using our graphic

American Thinker wrote:Image by The People's Cube. Original posted by Oleg Atbashian being used for fundraising for the Margaret Thatcher statue in her birthplace, Grantham, England

In a tribute thread, Thomas Lifson also included this image:

Thomas Lifson wrote:Baroness Margaret Thatcher, known as the "greengrocer's daughter" who revitalized Britain with conservative economic policies and brought down Soviet communism in cooperation with Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan, died today of a stroke at the age of 87.

Her passing marks the end of an era, as her fellow victorious cold warriors preceded her in finding their ultimate rewards. She was known as the "Iron Lady" with good reason: her famous advice to not "go wobbly" provided the iron backbone necessary to stare down communist tyrants and Argentine generals alike.

In an era of economic stagnation and malaise, it is worthwhile recalling how as Britain's first (and so far only) female prime minister, Mrs. Thatcher confronted the entrenched interests of the Labour Party, and liberalized the hidebound British economy, jettisoning uneconomic coal, steel, and other unionized industries that were bleeding the national wealth, and freeing up investment in productive areas, that helped London become the world's preeminent financial center, among other benefits.

We will not see another Margaret Thatcher. May she rest in peace and be rewarded for her great contributions to human freedom. Oleg Atbashian's poster is a fitting tribute:


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No updates yet, but I just checked the project's Facebook page - some nice pictures with our poster, mugs, and even a champagne bottle label. And this video:

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This must be it I guess - a bust instead of a statue. Given the hatred that the British progs still hold for her judging from this video, one might think this was a statue to Donald Trump.

Bronze Margaret Thatcher statue unveiled in Grantham

Fri 04 Apr 2014

In life she was considered a divisive politician, lauded by some, but blamed by many in our region for the demise of the mining industry. But as the first anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's death approaches, a museum in her birthplace of Grantham has seen a renewed interest in her life and legacy. As a new exhibition on the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain opens, Helen Steel went to meet a sculptor who wants to portray the Iron Lady in a positive light:

Video can't be embedded, click to see it on Vimeo:

A bronze bust of Margaret Thatcher will be unveiled at museum in her home town of Grantham today. Designed by Lisa Hawker, the figure will join an exhibition dedicated to the former Prime Minister. A condolence book, signed by more than 3,000 people, will also be on view to the public.

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In the picture below, guest speaker, the RT Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP, who served throughout the prime ministerships of both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, stands in front of my poster.







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Nick Boles, MP and Planning Minister, is pictured in this issue of The Times drinking tea from our Thatcher mug, illustrating an article where he talks about Thatcher's legacy.

‘Eastleigh Tory wasn't to blame. We really screwed it up for her'


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This article from The Independent sheds some light on why the statue was never placed in the city square - apparently, it's the fear of the left-wing vandalism from the "Love trumps hate" crowd, who already had decapitated her statue in London once.

Tellingly, the only image currently on Grantham Museum's Wikipedia page is Thatcher's ugly caricature puppet. A assume any attempts to replace that image will be blocked by the Wiki-commissars in charge of maintaining the anti-Thatcher orthodoxy.

Museum manager suspended over statue to Margaret Thatcher

The controversy centres on an 8ft work by the sculptor Neil Simmons, who secured a £150,000 commission from the House of Commons in 1998 to immortalise Lady Thatcher. But it came to grief within weeks of going on display in the Guildhall Art Gallery when a protester decapitated the two-ton statue.

The attacker was jailed for three months for criminal damage, and since being repaired, the artwork has spent much of the past decade in storage in the Commons.

When reports of the statue's arrival in the town emerged, a Labour councillor warned that the move could be “asking for trouble”, suggesting it could encourage another act of expensive vandalism. A Tory opponent retorted that the town should do more to honour Britain's first female Prime Minister: “Anything that celebrates Mrs Thatcher's life and achievements would be most welcome in Grantham.”
And this Daily Mail article shows the two designs that were being considered. I like the sitting one.

Designs for Margaret Thatcher statue honouring former Prime Minister in her hometown of Grantham unveiled (…and yes, she is holding that famous handbag)

Margaret Thatcher grew up above her father's green grocer's shop in Grantham, South Lincolnshire
It is likely the statue will be placed outside Grantham Museum next to a sculpture of Sir Isaac Newton
Members of public to choose between two designs which have been released

Apparently, the same sitting statue of Thatcher, by the Californian sculptor Bruce Wolfe, was unveiled in 2008 on the grounds of Hillsdale College. It is the only Thatcher's statue in North America.

A plaque on its base includes a quote from a 1990 Thatcher speech:

"The new world of freedom into which the dazzled Socialists have stumbled is not new to us. What to them is uncharted territory is to us familiar and well loved ground. For Britain has returned to those basic truths and principles which made her great—personal liberty, private property and the rule of law, on which democratic freedoms everywhere are based. Ours is a creed which travels and endures. Its truths are written in the human heart."

No wonder the left-wing British media ran such an ugly campaign against building a Thatcher's statue in her hometown. A quick search brings up a bunch of hateful articles and headlines, with the comments threatening to deface the statue if it is ever unveiled. Some examples:

The Telegraph: Grantham not sure it wants Baroness Thatcher statue.

The Mirror: Margaret Thatcher statue in hometown of Grantham needs anti-vandal protective screen says museum