Pro-choice advocates shame new parents outside of hospitals

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CHICAGO, IL - There was a shocking escalation in the methods of protest used by pro-choice advocates today when crowds gathered outside of hospital doors across the Chicago area so that they could scream obscene insults at anyone who walked out of the building holding a newborn infant. Some of the terms and phrases used to describe the mothers were 'human incubators,' 'breeders', and 'screw you and your little parasite,' as well other words too vulgar for print.

The protest was organized by progressive activists and die-hard supporters of Planned Parenthood as part of a broader campaign to defend the chain of abortion clinics caught red-handed selling aborted fetal tissue. This marks a shift in the pro-choice movement's tactics, as the outrage over the revealed secret exchanges is now targeting not only the pro-life supporters but also couples and individuals who have made a choice to not have an abortion and give birth instead.

Hospital staff was helpful in informing the new parents about the picketing, offering them shelter until the protest blew over. The parents who declined the prolonged stay were verbally assaulted by pro-choice activists who had surrounded every exit of the building. As the couples with newborn babies ran towards their vehicles, they were pelted with wire hangers and a gel-like substance mixed with red dye and raw chicken, meant to simulate aborted fetal tissue. The activists went on to vandalize and spray-paint the vehicles that drove out of the maternity hospital's parking ramp.

The rationale behind the protests was articulated by some of the activists, who claimed that persons who decided to carry out their pregnancy full-term instead of ending it prematurely were "violating everyone's human rights," and that the very existence of women who gave birth was "offensive to our humanistic values" and "a spit in the face of all women's rights advocates whose selfless struggle had contributed to overall social progress in recent decades."

An unidentified woman activist caught on camera was heard saying that "every birth of an unaborted child somewhere is an assault on reproductive justice everywhere," adding that every single birth also contributed to global warming by increasing the carbon footprint of surplus human population."

While some observers have initially pointed out the irony of a pro-choice protest shaming individuals for making a choice, their objections were quickly silenced with the addition of the climate change narrative, which was met with more understanding, as well as praise and vocal support from progressive environmental groups.

The more the news spread through social media, the more the parent-shaming protest outside of Chicago maternity hospitals shifted towards the climate change, until by the end of the day all protesters unanimously claimed that "abortions are humanity's only defense against climate change."