Saturday Night Live and Others Risk Election Outcome.

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How a politician is portrayed by comic writers, entertainers, humorist, and satirist can play an important role in shaping public perception. The entertainment industry has always portrayed Republicans as idiots in one form or another. Who can forget Chevy Chase playing Gerald Ford as a klutzy idiot, Phil Hartman's evil idiot Ronald Reagan, or Dana Carvey as harmless idiot George H. W. Bush.

Because of these and other performances, most identify Republicans and especially Republican Presidents as idiots. So it's troubling that many influential writers and entertainers are forgetting this successful tradition when it comes to John McCain. For more often than not, McCain's advanced age is highlighted and not that he is an idiot.Yes, painting McCain as old, very old, is definitely hip, edgy, and effortless, but its a idea that hasn't been properly vetted, and this election is far to important to risk with new cutting edge comic material. And make no mistake straying away from the grand tradition that Republicans are stupid is a risky move.

The list of entertainers and writers that have made very successful careers on the Republicans are Idiots concept is quite long and impressive. David Letterman, John Stewart and Steven Colbert, just to name a few. SNL wouldn't even exist if not for this concept. Furthermore it makes one's job so much easier when the theme and often the punchline is already written, no real creativity or talent is required e.g. Al Franken.

Although as liberal progressives we are all about tearing down the traditions that made this evil nation, this is one tradition that is worth preserving, because it works. The reason it works is it contains a thread of truth. What is more idiotic than standing on principles of individual rights and responsibilities, smaller government, and lower taxes?

As the political cartoons in this column illustrate (pardon the pun) Republicans are Idiots is as old as the Republican Party itself. This point is further strengthened by the following recently discovered film from the Lincoln era. A time when moving picture technology, until now was thought not to exist.

Albert Franklin
Creator of Lincoln film.

"When lampooning Republicans it is paramount to depict them as idiots. Although I'm quite fond of more expansive name calling such as big fat idiots. Actual humor is of much less importance".Our liberal progressive comic history makes it quite clear that McCain should be portrayed as an idiot. If they are those that still wish to push the creative envelope; Old Idiot McCain might be a concept worth looking at. However it really should be left to highly paid professionals.

One bright note is that Tina Fey and her writers have not forgotten their roots; her Hottie Idiot Palin is a perfect example of forgetting about creativity and just sticking with tradition.

Yes, even Comrade Chevy Chase, whose brilliant career is just beginning to blossom, pointed out on Network News that SNL should not even dare poke fun at Hilary too, that'd be steering away from its traditional roots.

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Dear Al Franken. Running for congress in MinneSOta to take the seat of Norm Coleman. How embarrassing for him to be met a whistle stop by just one supporter.

And that was enough to cause yet another check from Air America to bounce.

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Did anyone see the C-span bailout skit on SNL last Saturday night? If you didn't you may never see it, NBC has pulled the clip from their site as well as from Hulu. The first skit in years that was correctly critical of the Dems. and now its been censored. Cowards!
<br>Some of the comments from NBC's site
What an embarrassment taking down the bailout video. Now we now what liberal democrats do when they get hit with a skit that has an element of truth. They hide it.and you think bush wants to censor. What happened fair political comedy?
It's the funniest skit of the season...why did they pull it down???SNL...BRING BACK THE BAILOUT!
Here's a screenshot because they'll probably censor the comments next.


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Michelle Malkin just blogged about it here. Scary stuff.

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Commissar Theocritus wrote:Dear Al Franken. Running for congress in MinneSOta to take the seat of Norm Coleman. How embarrassing for him to be met a whistle stop by just one supporter.

And that was probably his only Air America listener.

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Margaret wrote:SNL Bailout skit

Never underestimate Ms Underestimated.

Excellent Margaret, Thanks!

I've uploaded it to YouTube without any tags or titles that might identify it, although who knows how long before it's removed.

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(karacter off) Michelle Malkin's article was spot on!
George Soros and the Sandlers no doubt had the video pulled. Did you notice the link to Ayers 11/20/97 speaking engagement w/ BO, booked by the lovely Michelle?
Very interesting.

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Many thanks Commissar Maksim. I was afraid I'd miss this bit of history.

Excuse me Commissar Theocritus, how does one save a video that has been posted on the peoples cube?

many thanks


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Reluxcat, click on Maksim's link above--without tags it hasn't been found by the fascists.