We Stemmed The Tide (election season post mortem for Party™ leadership)

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I would like to report that our efforts over the last election season were a complete success, however I can't. Knowing that our operatives and technicians can't be everywhere at all times will justify the work that was done as well as the money spent on behalf of The Party™.


1. Mail in and Early Voting has proven to be our greatest weapon. You can't ID an envelope and you can put any date you choose at any time and even bring it to a the counting room after counting has begun.. Comrade Fetterman won a Senate seat before election day even occurred. We also used it to great success in Arizona and Nevada, with a little assist from GOP "leadership".

2. We lost the House, but the majority is of, as I pointed out in an earlier post, the slimmest of margins. The GOP will have to negotiate and as the economic situation gets worse, and it will, we have our scapegoat. We can only take credit for successes and blame the failures on others.

3. We kept that Shrew out of The Arizona governor's mansion. In her stead we have a weak and timid cat lady who will be easily manipulated to The Party's will. The border will remain open no matter what Texas does.

4. We have sown the seeds of more distrust among the GOP with leadership coming under more scrutiny. GOP establishment Uniparty types are today's useful idiots. I believe we can continue to manipulate these spineless creatures for some time to come.

5. Our Crypto scheme was a success. We collected millions for campaigns across the country. However, I fear that we may have designated the wrong person to run it. It could unravel, but our allies and operatives in the media, that would be almost everyone, will bury the story and make it go away. So don't sweat it.

6. We defeated many MAGA candidates also with an assist from the GOP leadership who are now turning on that scary Orange Man. A fractured GOP is helpful to us and if it damages the Orange Man, that's even better.

The predicted "Red Wave" did not materialize. We thwarted a historical trend and that is a success. Trust me, it could have been a lot worse were it not for the valiant sacrifices of the people in The Party™ machinery.


1. We were not able to drag Warnock over the finish line. It's still doable, but I fear that the lack of time to prepare the ground won't be enough. Georgia voting laws make it more difficult to do what we do and we need more time to do it. That race may end up maintaining the status quo. We'll still get our judges and that's all that matters as we march onward to The Glorious World of Next Tuesday. Legislative majorities are great, but if you don't have them, you can always legislate from the bench. Now that's Democracy™

2. Losing the House is a setback for our agenda and losing Nanski is a bitter pill. She will be missed and I hope that she and Paul find happiness in their retirement from public life with the money, uh, um, earned as a public servant.

3. We lost a few governorships. We did our best but came up a little short.

Our successes outnumber our failures. We hit on most and missed on a few. I would like to thank our operatives and technicians for the hard work performed on behalf of The Party™. Your tireless work behind the scenes is appreciated.

I remain
Dr. Chicago